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Kagura Games Partners With MangaGamer

by OtakuApologist

This is an unedited press release from MangaGamer.

We’ve been teaming up with a lot of publishers this month to expand our platform to have more Western developers and localizers! We know you’ve always supported us in having more 18+ games out there, and we want to give a big thank you and help support those of you who have entered the industry and start to make and translate your own games!

One such localizer is our friends at Kagura Games who in the past month have released two new games on our platform!

The newest of which is Treasure Hunter Claire,

Claire, the golden-haired descendant of a legendary hero, has learned that she needs to collect sperm power to grant her wish! Her wish of gaining wealth and treasure! A treasure hunter makes money by accepting quests and going off to fight monsters, and Claire learns if she wins – she can gain money for her quests, and if she loses – she gains sperm for losing battles, and can level up!

It’s win-win either way! Treasure Hunter Claire is a Japanese doujin game that doesn’t disappoint for those seeking soem gameplay with their sex, not just with Claire – but the entire energetic cast!

Also new this month from Kagura games is a classic dungeon crawler, Lillipalace,

For those looking for a challenge full of traps, treasure, enemy encounters, and elf ears, Seria is the knight to lead you on your journey! The pink-haired, blue-eyed knight of the kingdom has gone out to investigate rumors of the villagers suddenly disappearing, and it’ll be up to you to build a team and go through the horrors of the labyrinth!

We’ve been releasing lots of games throughout the end of the month and look forward to appreciating all the new titles coming to the market! Remember, whenever you support us by buying through our platform, you’ll have a guaranteed voice always fighting for the community and 18+ games!

We’ll be more in touch this week, and thank you again for everyone who came to meet us earlier in the month at Anime Expo, it was fun! We hope to do as much community building together for all these great games as much we can!

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