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MiKandi Adult App Store Now Supports PC Web Games

by OtakuApologist

This article is an unedited press release from Mikandi.

14.8.2018 — Seattle, WA – MiKandi has announced the launch of the new MiKandi Game Portal which features support for PC web games. In response to the censorship faced by many adult game creators on mainstream gaming platforms, MiKandi has released their own MiKandi Games Alpha Program which currently supports PC web games but will soon feature support for more devices, including macOS. Adult game creators can now upload their web games to the new MiKandi Game Portal. Customers can browse and play dozens of uncensored adult PC games on MiKandi.com (https://mikandi.com/games/all).

The new game portal is more dynamic than the previous versions. This gives us the ability to add more features over time which will be really awesome for game devs. Additionally, MiKandi publishers have been asking for a feature that will allow them to interact directly with users and the new portal will give them that option in the Latest Game News section. –Nick, Software Engineer

Starting today, adult game creators can upload their lewd PC games to the new Web Games Portal (https://publisher.mikandi.com/). Adult game lovers can browse dozens of PC titles on MiKandi’s website, including Lupiesoft’s Mutiny!!, which was previously censored by the major gaming platform, Steam.

MiKandi is the world’s leading mobile application market for adults and the creators of adult hentai game, Fap Ninja. The MiKandi Adult App Store is free to download on Android devices. The MiKandi Theater, Comics, and Web Games are available to customers on desktop and all touch devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Adult studios, app developers, and creators can register a free MiKandi account at (https://publisher.mikandi.com/).

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