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MangaGamer Announces New Titles at Otakon 2018

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Adult game publisher MangaGamer has announced four new titles at Otakon 2018, each for a different audience.

As Otakon is underway, we learn more about what’s in store for the world of adult games in the near future. The online adult games retailer MangaGamer has brought us their plans for new titles slated to be released for English-speakers. Fans of yuri, otomege, eroge, and nukige, have all been accounted for.

Their first announcement is “The Expression Amrilato”developed by SukeraSparo. The title is a non-pornographic slice of life story built around the theme of communication. As the high school student Rin is on her way to the shopping district for some snacks, the world around her unapologetically changes. The sky turns pink, and the people she’s surrounded by begin to speak an unknown language. Somehow, she walked straight into another world.

Soon after, she meets Ruka. Thankfully, this foreign girl can speak Japanese, but only a little. As the story goes on, Rika and Ruka try to understand each other and help one another. The game’s foreign language is represented by the real world language of Esperanto. Throughout the game, there will be segments where Rika learns the language, with its rules being explained to the reader as well. With Rika’s understanding of Esperanto improving, the text becomes more readable.

The second announced game, “Fxxx Me Royally! — Horny Magical Princess”, is much less prude otome title from Kalmia8. The story is about a princess from the magical world of Kamel’toh, where people fuck; a lot. She arrives in modern age Japan with a simple purpose: get herself a fancy foreign boyfriend who will fuck her royally, and also help bring new ideas into Kamel’toh.

It just so happens that the first two men she runs into are both considerably reserved, even for our sexually repressed age. Having to deal with their unwillingness to just fuck a random magical princess, she will have to make her pick and do her best in enamoring her favorite guy.

The next title, “Farther than the Blue Sky”, is a straightforward slice of life eroge developed by ChuableSoft. Taking place in the Academy of the Amanoshima Island, on which a large aerospace program takes place, the game focuses on struggles of the school’s Byakko club.

The school has an aerospace program, and many clubs invest their time in researching the industry. Arisa joined the Byakko club fairly recently, despite not even being in the aerospace program, thinking herself to be too dumb for it — she had enrolled in normal classes up until then. Only upon joining the Byakko club does she find out that the club is on the chopping block. They will be dissolved, unless they can win the school’s upcoming rocket-building competition.

With no other option, the girls of the Byakko club take up the challenge, pursuing a lofty goal in doing so: to make a rocket that will reach the altitude of over 100 km, “Farther than the Blue Sky”.

The final announcement is Alice Soft’s highly perverted VN RPG, “Beat Angel Escalayer R”. It is the story of Kyouhei Yanase, a high school student who used to be friends with Sakuya Kouenji, back when they were children. Sakuya had moved out at some point, and he hadn’t seen her for some time. This changes when she suddenly enrolls back at his school and ends up in his class; however, she ignores Kyouhei completely.

Not long after their cold reunion, the Earth is suddenly attacked by the evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust. People run away in panic, and Kyouhei, worried about Sakuya, runs after her, only to find her masturbating in an alley. She orgasms in shock at the sight of Kyouhei, and then, transforms into a powerful warrior, the titular Escalayer. With these powers, she easily repels the attack of Dai-Lust, but it’s not the end.

After arriving home, Kyouhei learns that Sakuya can gain energy needed to transform into Escalayer only through sex, and she needs his help. He will need to help her train in more and more perverse ways to make her much stronger, so that someday, she can defeat the Dai-Lust empire for good.

The game was first released in Japan in 2002, and received a three episode OVA series made by Pink Pineapple, as well as three novels published by Paradigm Novels. The upcoming English release of the game is “Beat Angel Escalayer R”, which is the 2014 reboot version.

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