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Shady Lewd Kart Demo First Impressions

by OtakuApologist

Shady Lewd Kart is a collaborative hentai karting game currently in development by Shady Corner. You can support the project on Patreon. The game has a bug-free public demo available. Download links are at the end of the article.

As of time of writing, Shady motherfucker has a Youtube channel dedicated to hentai games, that the Anti-Defamation League (linked to globalist George Soros) is yet to ban for offensive speech and rampant sexualization of cartoon women. Flying under the radar of the censors, Shady has been able to amass himself a supportive following, and most impressively, persuaded several other hentai hustlers to grant their intellectual properties to his project, among them Hentaiwriter from Future Fragments.

The Shady Lewd Kart is a cute ripoff of Mario Kart. The gameplay is very similar to Nintendo’s hit racing game franchise. The controls are extremely simple. You press the arrow keys to steer to the sides. Press up to pump the gas. CTRL is jump. Spacebar shoots items. You can gain items by driving through squares with question marks.

From what I played and can gather, the game currently has only three tracks available and lots of characters to select, which only seem to affect your character’s aesthetic.

The build didn’t glitch out or crash on me while I played, which was a welcome surprise. I drove through all three available tracks, each with their own obstacles, ie. oil spills, rolling trash cans, sludge water, and more.

The game has some dating sim stuff going on, but I really wasn’t impressed with the artwork, so I skipped those parts. There’s even a bit of female voice acting, which on western standards was decent. I didn’t feel like choking the bitch.

The items you can get in this game are sexy. You got throwaway panties, condoms for protection against said panties, a rain of panties, and more. I was too disoriented to make sense of the madness on my screen, and didn’t succeed at landing my panty shots on my fellow NPC racers’ rear ends. Still, I confess to cracking a smile at the panty violence.

The demo is a solid display of skill in project management. I’m almost impressed. The only turn-off for people might be the visuals. It’s the kind of art that you either like it, or you don’t. The gameplay sections are in pixel art, while the character sprites in story segments are extremely simplistic 2D art. You either like it, or you don’t.

You can download the public demo of Shady Lewd Kart below.

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