New-York, New-York, August 4, 2020 —Johren, a company devoted to introducing high-quality interactive entertainment to the world, has announced the launch of its new website featuring English-localized versions of the massively popular Kamihime Project, Magicami, Versus Tales and over 100 premium Japanese games. Additionally, Johren has revealed that, for a limited time, new users will be gifted 300 Credits for registering with the site.

Johren has also announced that pre-registration for turn-based fairy tale adventure Versus Tales is now open. Featuring easy-to-learn mechanics, a captivating and unpredictable narrative, and a variety of battles to choose from, Versus Tales will have fans restore balance to the fantastical world of Otogiland as dozens of badass magical girls. Players who pre-register now will be able to obtain free Star Gems, Skill Fairies, Premium Gacha Tickets, a Special Exchange Ticket, and a strong character upon the game’s official release when cumulative campaign goals are met.

New users will be able to experience most of Johren’s headlining titles immediately after registration on the site. Free-to-play turn-based RPG Kamihime Project has players traverse the globe in an attempt to unlock the godlike power of Kamihime and prevent a second Ragnarok from destroying civilization. The bishoujo-stylized mainstream RPG Magicami, which has players fighting alongside 12 kawaii “city pop” magical girls in the streets of Shibuya against a demonic force from another dimension, is expected to be released on the Johren platform on August 18th.

To learn more about Johren, Magicami, Kamihime Project, Versus Tales, and all of the site’s games, please visit

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Founded in July 2020, Johren is devoted to introducing high-quality interactive entertainment in English and Traditional Chinese to the world. Currently, Johren boasts an impressive catalogue of English-localized versions of Kamihime Project, Magicami, Versus Tales and over 100 premium Japanese games. New titles are added to the platform every month.