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Hentaireviews 2.0 – Our New Website is Launching Soon

by OtakuApologist

Update: We’re fighting to get proper backups and there are bugs with the layout. I hope you don’t see the mess, because it’s embarrassing!

Great news, everyone. Our new website is almost ready to launch. The data migration is nearing completion, all of our old articles will be available. We are ditching the outdated tech of Wordpress and modernizing the entire Hentaireviews experience!

The new site will be basically the same as our current site, with few new features. It will be faster, smoother, like a lubed finger in the butt. We will continue iterating post-launch, adding new exciting features that will make browsing the site more pleasurable. Wish us luck that this process goes smoothly, because you never know. Technology is a moody bitch that you can’t really fix with a slap to the face.

Otakusexart will also be revamped. We are modernizing the entire blog network! We may even launch new websites soon, pull the plug on old shit, and take our rightful place as supreme opinion leaders on good adult games. The hype is un-fucking-believable!

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