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Game Review: Don’t Stop the Camera! Hidden Desires of a Young Wife

by Mistress Valentine
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Written by Mistress Valentine, edited by Otaku Apologist

Don’t Stop the Camera! ~Hidden Desires of a Young Wife~, a hentai visual novel game developed by Appetite. Released July 21, 2022. Download on MangaGamer for $13.95. For Windows PC. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals.


Setsuka Ikuta is a lonely housewife who spends her days shamelessly masturbating in the absence of her husband Kiniharu. She’s ready to give up completely when her neighbor Kaho shows up to return her smartphone. Setsuka accidentally left the lock screen turned off, allowing Kaho to witness her dirty secret activities!

Instead of blackmailing her, Kaho reveals the existence of a group of like-minded individuals living in the apartment building. Each member of the Alternative Resident Club has a particularly embarrassing fetish. They regularly gather to fuck.

Setsuka is initially hesitant to join, fearing that it would amount to cheating on her husband, but after she’s convinced to masturbate in front of everyone, she steadily begins embracing the lifestyle. She becomes more daring and willing to do more outlandish things such as taking a dildo up her butt or sucking some guys off. 

Kimiharu eventually returns home, making the situation even worse for Setsuka. She is torn about telling him the truth, afraid he’ll reject her. 

The script is average quality. It plays all your favorite hentai tropes, while experimenting a little. It’s not often that a game will spend so much time focused on a sexually frustrated housewife, but still feel so lackluster. There are one or two points where I sympathized with Setsuka’s plight, but the story spends too little time on it in favor of the next sexual adventure. 



The title is a visual novel. You have to click the screen to advance the story. The game features two endings and only one choice near the end. This takes some of the fun out of the adultery. More choices would have been very welcome.

Once you have achieved one of the endings, you unlock the Gallery menu where you can fap to your favorite artwork. You can also use the Scene Replay feature to experience Setsuka’s sexual escapades in their entirety. 

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I found the soundtrack to be bland as fuck. I genuinely had to pause and concentrate at certain intervals to listen to what kind of music was playing, so I could write this review. The soundtrack uses the most generic synthetic songs in recent memory. It’s painful to hear that almost no attention was afforded to this aspect of production. 

At least the music has variation. There are tracks that are slow and calming, giving off a romantic vibe, but the tune lacks the necessary emotion to make the track pop against the dialogue it is supporting. Likewise, the more upbeat tones lack the fun mood that would put you at ease and let you enjoy the comedic parts. In short, the music is utterly forgettable. 


Only Setsuka and Kaho have voice acting, but thankfully both of them turn in great performances. In the case of Kaho, the actress plays up her sexual liberation and indulges in giving her a very flirtatious, almost mischievous personality. Setsuka’s actress fairs much better during the quieter moments when she laments on her shameful actions, her longing for her husband’s touch and her continued arousal from living out her sexual fantasies. Setsuka’s sex scenes are passable. 

The sound effects are few and far between with very little actual noises to make the game world feel believable. Doors opening and closing, cameras and some mild crowd sounds are most frequently heard. The sex noises are bad. When Setsuka is fingering her pussy, you can barely hear it. When she is sprayed with cum, the voices are drowned out. 

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Setsuka and Kaho are the only characters to receive sprites. Poses are limited, but both individuals have a decent number of expressions. Setsuka’s character design is basic. She has big tits and a round face, but her attire makes it difficult for her to stand out, especially in scenes she shares with Kaho who is drawn to be sexier. From her eyes to hair style to the way she dresses, it is a shame the game doesn’t do more with Kaho except have her stand around explaining things. 

There are a handful of backgrounds. Most of the action takes place either in the Alternative Resident Council living room or Setsuka’s. The level of design is basic with just enough detail given to make the background qualify as such. Unfortunately the look of them is generic with color schemes that are a shade too bland to really pop. Some backgrounds have different versions for morning, afternoon and night settings. The game also sports art for outdoors such as neighbor streets or cityscapes, but we don’t get any kinky public sex scenes. 

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The game has a good sense of narrative evolution. We open on Setsuka pleasuring herself in the living room. It’s a short scene that succeeds in introducing us to her problems. From there the story takes its time to progress to the next stage of Setsuka’s sexual liberation. 

The story has an unusual sense of realism too. When Setsuka is masturbating for the first time in front of everyone, she is hesitant and embarrassed. It takes a lot of hentai troll logic before she accepts responsibility for making a man hard. She sucks him off and gracelessly accepts his cum on her face. 

In another scene, she is so tempted by the sexual release she receives that she has sex with someone other than her husband. The dialogue during these scenes is deliciously kinky. 

As the sequence of events reaches for the climax, Setsuka has no problem taking a cock in all her holes. She doesn’t feel bad when other men cum in her. She just wants to orgasm over and over again. 

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Don’t Stop the Camera! is generic fap material that is guaranteed to empty your balls at least once. There are better games out there highlighting this particular fetish, but the low cost of admission makes this title very affordable for masturbation purposes. I can casually recommend this, if you\re really feeling the artwork. Download this game here. All purchases help us make more free hentai comics.

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