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Choose Your Own Gender in California 2023!

by OtakuApologist

Here’s another laugh-worthy article regarding the complete decimation of sanity taking place in the developed west. At this point, we’ve all chosen our sides in these matters. There’s no use seeking middle-ground. Gavin Newsom, the gay-looking democrat governor of California, is proposing that kids are allowed and encouraged to decide their own gender.

Quoted from Zerohedge’s original article: “It’s no longer only “he” and “she” or “man” and “woman” in the California public schools. And if Gavin Newsom gets his way, it’s coming to your school too.

The California Department of Public Health is in partnership with the California-based Gender Spectrum organization through a nine-year grant to “conduct rigorous evaluation” of Gender Spectrum’s “professional development programs.”

The organization’s undergirding ideology is one of radical “liberation” from the “gender binary,” encouraging youth to invent their own “genders,” which parents are urged to “affirm.”

There is so much wrong in this approach, that we’re going to discuss it. Main problem is, none of us busy beings, who are productive and dedicated to supporting mortals in our lives financially and emotionally, have time for this bullshit.

You cannot add layers of complexity into every aspect of life. It just can’t be done. You have to simplify and streamline, or be overwhelmed and crushed. The successful juggling of life’s many duties requires streamlining.

Because life in a modern technologically developed nation is a hassle already, you cannot add more crap on top, and it’s why modern times are dividing us. Everyone actually doing something doesn’t have time for bullshit.

If you want to be successful in whatever you’re doing, the recipe for that is to streamline processes: Remove steps that would increase the number of decisions made and time-requirement to execute the task.

Embracing an infinite gender spectrum doesn’t work. You can have bi-mortals and trans-mortals, those are simple enough to understand. But when you start having literally infinite genders, and then you start codifying their treatment into law, you’re going way, way, way too far! You’re going to run into the wall of cognitive processing limits of human creatures.

You only have a limited amount of creative energy for decision-making a day. If you spend that unwisely by tinkering with dumb shit, you’ll be exhausted quickly with the most important daily tasks left undone. There are hidden costs to increased complexity, like when bureaucratic obligations take time away from business owners from actually running their shop.

I can tell you right now, this new initiative by Gavin Newsom is adding critical levels of complexity to social interactions that makes society borderline inoperable. But if you absolutely want to take things beyond the gender binary, beyond the established-to-be-functional Judeo-Christian tradition, then definitely read my defense of immorality.

If you streamline effectively and use basic scheduling, you can manage incredible levels of productivity and be left with the energy, money and time to actually socialize with mortals. You’ll see a sizable increase to your income and the sexual opportunities that you have. You’ll have successful dates with the opposite sex, because you’re energetic and fun to be with. Being well-organized is how you get your tentacles wet. Being some omni-gender nutjob ensures you won’t.

Or rather, you will produce dysfunctional offspring who end your bloodline.

Here’s the problem: Once you start deviating from the median average of what constitutes a viable universal standard, which came about after a long process of natural selection, the number of dynamics you battle against grows exponentially. There aren’t that many viable ways to go about life, you only think there are vistas of possibilities, because the dynamics that created the default median average model, the “normal”, are mostly invisible. The dynamics never come to play, because the default median average model neutralizes those problems. But you’ll see what happens once you push red lines. They push back.

And it doesn’t stop here. Next thing “progressive” politicians do is make it illegal to misgender others. More complexity! More risk that requires strategy to manage! Hence why abiding by this mad social standard is completely unfeasible. Because if you submit to this, you’ll soon be swarmed by volatile, dysfunctional mortals who shit themselves when you try to impose any sensible standards that would lessen the headaches of dealing with them. Ask yourself, how then can you ascend to godhood?

The short answer is, you won’t. Godhood will be denied of you.


Christina Nordlander September 7, 2023 - 3:39 pm

So you’re okay with porn games that use rape and degradation to titillate, but letting transgender and nonbinary people express their identity is where you draw the line? You can stand up for art being transgressive, but people having their gender identity respected is too much?

You have issues. Fortunately, you’re an irrelevant nobody reviewing porn games on the internet, so your views won’t actually affect anyone.

OtakuApologist September 8, 2023 - 3:50 pm

I have bi, gay and trans employees who are all sane, fun and productive people. But I know from experience that once you go over certain thresholds, the complexity of the person makes the interaction virtually impossible to maintain long-term. There’s just too many “moving parts”.


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