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In Defense of Immorality (Kind of)

by OtakuApologist

Deviant lifestyles are in style. But what many mortals don’t quite realize is that even deviants discover foundational truths in their pursuit of pleasure. Rules make peculiar lifestyle choices long-term feasible.

For example, when I studied the cuckolding life on dedicated internet forums where cuck couples discussed their adventures involving tens, at times hundreds of sexual partners of varied human races, what I discovered was that the most successful marriages of this type were often involving older couples. People who had already been in a traditional two-partner marriage for decades were able to explore new avenues of sexual possibilities. But younger couples, who lacked foundations, often run into basic problems, ending otherwise healthy relationships in turmoil. It is always sad.

As a malevolent Lovecraftian entity from the dark beyond, who has explored the holes of mortals for three million years via premarital relations, this god-mind recognizes the need of mortals to found their daily routines in sensible ideas. These ideas include the slow and patient building of trust and respect and keeping your promises to your one dedicated partner.

When it comes to morality, you can slice reality into infinite dimensions. You can invent infinite genders, have the goat cross the Rubicon, organize your woman weekend gangbang parties, call cute guys women and treat their anuses as boy-pussies. The riveting possibilities for sexual adventures of the most exciting kind are innumerable indeed.

But in the end, after fucking around, certain truths are easily discovered to be foundational. They are antidotes to chaos.

If you want to seriously explore all the wonderous ways to stimulate your nervous system, you’re going to spin out of control and self-destruct if you’re not seriously grounded in reality. If we keep using cuckolding as an example, we discovered years ago that the aforementioned unnamed internet forums had censorship. Whenever a couple broke up and the break-up was bad, former excited contributors would start threads to vent their disillusionment. And these threads are routinely deleted. This happens constantly. Upon thinking about this, this god-mind realized that it is sensible censorship from the perspective that the boards emphasize that their lifestyle is not for everybody. It comes with considerable risks. When you start exploring possibilities, you consciously carry the risks. Going into bitch mode because the obvious risks materialized is pathetic.

Any kind of deviant lifestyle is like being a movie stuntman. You have to be competent to the core, or risk death.

And if you’re so godlessly narcissistic that you only keep friends who agree with your choices regardless how mad they are, you’ll be ill-equipped to self-identify your strengths and your weaknesses. True friends challenge your wacked ideas. In the case of any deviant lifestyle, you must be especially aware of your emotional weak spots, lest you’ll be utterly overwhelmed by events you never anticipated, hitting you right to the balls or ovaries from an angle you never reinforced.

One of the girls I chatted with in the Hentaireviews community Discord years ago was a horny college girl who was having creampie sex with a different partner every day of the week. We once chatted when she was fresh after a fuck with a creampie still in her pussy. She described cutely how she masturbated while being creamy, walked around with it, slept with the cum inside of her, relishing how it felt to be a naughty little whore. “Shiny pussy”, she described. Meanwhile, her friend who was doing the same got an STD, and she had to comfort her, she told me of that too. You wankers wonder how this god-mind is so supremely sexist, it’s because when you’re a Lovecraftian death god, bitches confess their sins to you.

When I asked her how she kept herself safe from STDs, she said she’s a really great judge of character, plus she made her partners do regular STD tests before letting them in. She researched the risks plenty, according to her, before starting her sex frenzy. Highly educated human females are indeed the most excellent fucks.

Risk comes from unknown variables. The more awareness you have of what could go wrong, the better you can prepare. But understand, even with the best of preparations, you still have to account for the real possibility that somewhere down the line, your step will slip. Any shred of arrogance will make you sloppy. Then the question becomes whether you’re prepared to lose what you staked. You have to make absolutely sure, consult your soul, that what you’re staking as ante in your gamble is something you’re truly prepared to lose. A bit of fleeting pleasure is not worth losing a good partner for.

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