Re:Zero Rem Parody Onahole, or Very Excited!!! Clover Hole (Rem Parody), is a sextoy. Retailers tend to play with the English translations. This toy is a rubber pussy (onahole) made by the Japanese adult toy company Tamatoys.

On many fields, Japanese do not innovate, opting rather to polish old good ideas. In the realms of anime, visual novels, you see regurgitation of the same concepts ad nauseam. The Japanese as sextoy crafters, however, are very contradictory: They innovate constantly. Every toy design is so unique, it’s like every month the market is flooded with a torrent of good, bad, and ugly genital rockers.

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This toy is no longer available at JLIST. Order at OtonaJP for 21.00.


Rem is dressed in the legendary cat keyhole bra and panty set, which is still selling like hot cakes. She’s pulling her bra down, about to get down and dirty in a one-on-one impregnation bedroom party. She’s gonna take so much cock. From her cutesy, lecherous smile, we can tell, Rem is no virgin. This girl’s been around the block, feeling every shape and length of local meat shaft up her three pussies. You don’t wear the cat keyhole set, unless you’re planning to engage in hard, animalistic sex.

This is very good package art. Tamatoys knows how to make me tick.

The toy comes with a small packet of lotion, but I’ve honestly stopped caring about those. It’s good for about three rides and it’s gone. Get a plentiful bottle of Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion, and you’re good.


The material is soft, stretchy, odorless, and fairly durable. I’ve had onaholes that you could damage permanently by simply scratching them with my finger nails. Not the issue here. Before I doubled-checked the manufacturer, I was dead sure this was ToysHeart’s patented TPE rubber, the texture felt that good.

This toy is loose. It’s nowhere near the tightness some holes strive for, unless you’re hung like an elephant. It’s a sleeve basically, that feels maybe 30% better than your hand, with the vacuum chamber and all. It’s also a compact hole that’s easy to grab, and squeeze, to control the pressure. Well-lubed, you can ram Rem hard.

She feels like a wet blowjob, from an amateur girl. There’s not a lot of throat action, no suction. Her tongue is like a carpet your dick just sits on. It’s still a good blowjob, because it’s your girl, and she’s a keeper for submitting her face to a good fuck. But it’s not an intense feeling, she needs to practice her deepthroat.

The inner structure is not a straight-up tube. There’s five cuts that seal air in, as you slide your cock inside. There aren’t really any ribs or bumps, like in a real pussy, just air pockets that lick you up and down. It’s not the most intense experience, but feels perfect with visual stimulation from porn. Personally I often end up just keeping the sleeve on, while fondling and squeezing it. You don’t wanna go rough, or you won’t last for the good parts in the porn flick.

I haven’t been able to have long sessions with this toy. It’s a trend I’ve noted with onaholes built around the vacuum chamber. There’s a point you reach, where the nerves on your glans are so sensitive, and the vacuum doesn’t let off pressure. At that point, she just sucks the cum out.


The Re Zero Rem Onahole can theoretically be turned upside down, to clean it thoroughly from cum and lube. Similar to Tenga 3D, its guts can be turned into its skin, so to speak. But you will do damage to it. The cuts inside the hole are weak to stretching, so be gentle, or the rubber will rip. Save this cleaning method for extreme cases, when the toy smells like death. Don’t make it your standard cleaning procedure.

Scoop moist out with your finger, or use a stick and a small towel. A micro fiber glove from a local apothecary is your best bet at drying it properly. If you won’t go to the local apothecary for medical gloves, get an onahole maintenance kit. Without cleaning kits, you have to use the toy often, to avoid issues.

This toy is no longer available at JLIST. Order at OtonaJP for 21.00.

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