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Simple Daily Activity Formula to Escape Poverty (+Get Sex)

by OtakuApologist

It’s easier to think life as a videogame, because games simplify the complexity of modern living.

Imagine you have 24 action points, representing every hour of the day. Naturally, you’re not able to work every hour of the day. Therefore, in the short timeframe your energy levels are topped up, spend at least 12 action points within 6 hours, like speed-running. The second half of your daily action points, the remaining 12, should go to life-maintenance tasks, such as physical exercise, laundry, paying bills, hobbies, socializing, studying, relaxation, sexual self-actualization, etc.

You can already see the problem, right? You’re probably spending an inordinate amount of action points in some areas, while neglecting other areas. This is most people’s lives, and to a certain degree, it’s not wrong. You’re following the 80/20 rule (aka. Pareto principle). But this style of living has an inherent problem we’ll discuss below.

If you’re hyper-focused on studying or work or a serious relationship, your life is out of balance.

The very reason you hyper-focus on work or studies is to become a specialist. Because specialists who possess nuanced knowledge that lets them outperform well-rounders provide companies massive advantages. Every company needs specialists in key sectors they plan to outperform their competition in, to upscale operations. Therefore specialists earn the most.

The problem is, when you are a specialist, your task list involves many, many steps of hyper-optimization. And the more steps there are to completing a task, the more “action points” this task takes. And once you run out, you become paralyzed with fatigue, unable to make more decisions. And if your life is full of tasks requiring attention, you’re going to be overwhelmed. This is how poverty works and also how depression works: When you’re spending inordinate amounts of time and energy dealing with complexity, for example, managing the violent moodswings of an abusive boss, parent, or partner, your spirit is depleted, making you unable to deal with the challenges in your school, work and relationships.

You can only hyper-optimize select areas of life before fatigue kicks in. Can’t have it all.

Getting back to our cringe videogame parallel, make it your goal to reduce steps to complete daily tasks. For example, instead of paying bills as they come, pay most of them in one sitting. Stack parallel tasks, complete them together. This way you can begin saving daily action points and can redistribute them to other activities.

You have to streamline most areas of life. Physical exercise example: Instead of going to the best gym downtown, which would require you to grab a bus, sit in traffic,  flirt with the girl at checkout, have sex in the closet, have your workout, hit the showers, go to sauna, get back in the bus, sit in traffic – you get the idea, do none of that. Instead of adding steps to hyper-optimize physical exercise, just have your workout be a jog around the block and fuck a hooker after that. Streamline and simplify.

Now, I already mentioned the Pareto principle. The problem with Pareto is, life includes clutter tasks that are tedious to do, but also mandatory: Laundry, cleaning, cooking, fixing broken electronics, etc. When you’re running Pareto principle as an individual, you’re going to neglect many tedious necessary tasks, which stack up and begin to depress you. That’s why, you get an assistant to help with simple tasks that you have the ability to complete yourself, but in reality don’t have time for.

If you’re working-class, it won’t cost you much to hire reliable help of Brazilian, African or Eastern-European descent from the internet to complete some tasks for you. We can perhaps help you find an assistant through our new business. And if you’re rich, just do what aristocrats have always done and hire maids. Despite the costs that maids incur, getting those daily obnoxious tasks, like laundry, sex and cooking and cleaning done by them, will let you maximize the gains made during work hours.

Another pathway out of poverty is getting married to a hard worker and establishing a division of labor. Either husband or wife works a day job, bringing steady income to the household, while the other manages the household chores. The working spouse will outcompete the sex-starved singles in their workplace, maximizing the financial gains your household makes.

Meanwhile, the housekeeping spouse can optimize chores. Because most chores these days are done with machines, the housekeeping spouse can supplement the household income via online freelancing or similar side gigs. Remote learning is also possible via online universities, if you’re worried about your studies. I personally employ some working mothers from developing economies who study and work part-time, so I know this arrangement works fine. What makes marriage such a classic successful economic strategy relates to how the economy works: Highly skilled specialists earn more income per hour than well-rounders. But this specialization requires dedicated support, which used to be the woman’s role.

Basically, don’t be an atomized economic unit. Get married. Build a gang. Collab. Also, use automation…

At the time of writing, the economy in the US-EU bloc is teetering on recession. But there are silver linings to the darkest clouds. The emerging technological solutions at our disposal are phenomenal. You can ask select AI chatbots to script custom tools that streamline your workflow. AI chatbots are making it incredibly easy to find answers and solutions. You have access to libraries worth of free books online, bursting with knowledge. You can study new skills via free videos, copy proven roadmaps for wealth creation from venerable experts shared on their social media accounts. You could combine free online educational material with affordable community college courses, and take your self-educating to the next level.

You don’t need to study more than a few hours a day during your most clear-minded moments. If you can push aside all distractions for just 1-2 hours of intense cognitive processing, you’re bound to learn new shit.

While the upper social classes had exclusive access to amazing tech in the past centuries that let them become the dominant bloodlines on the planet, new affordable tools have emerged that simply require innovative application to capitalize on the opportunities posed. You may just have ideas that will make you very, very wealthy, if you can manage the execution.

The above AI chatbot article I found with just a casual internet search, it took seconds. Imagine spending a few quality hours of your days just scouring the web for all material on a subject, then categorizing the sources on reliability, then writing down notes as you read. Even if you make faulty interpretations, you’re going to learn useful info on the side.

Artificial intelligence is posing a massive new opportunity. Coding is becoming accessible because of them, but it’s not just AI that’s making the creation of lucrative software and services possible to normies. There are companies like Webflow that offer easy-access tools to make websites and online services without coding knowledge. And it’s all more affordable than ever.

If you have the ability to read this article, you have access to a very level playing field. All of human knowledge is at your fingertips. Never in history has it been easier to solve your problems and rise to the higher social classes. And if there’s one thing female biology responds favorably to, it’s confident men of high social status. They get wet and they get eager.

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