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Sex Lubricant Review: Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion

by OtakuApologist

Made by ToysHeart, this lube is the biggest, the fluidest, the most luxurious sex lotion in all of Japan.

A great lotion is a necessity for any fapper, but also couples. Some girls do not emit enough sex juices to make penetration enjoyable, and anal sex is impossible without lube. For handjobs, lube can upgrade, or degrade, the sensations. If you own multiple lube brands, you’ll quickly notice yourself gravitating to only use the better ones. Because when you’re shopping for sexual products, you are looking for an upgrade, so why would you use a lesser product on your sex organs?

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The bottle is comfortable to use. It’s hard plastic, with a very smooth surface. The bottom is transparent, so you can see the contents are clear of flesh chunks and rat corpses. There’s a simple cap you can wring open with little resistance. The sides around the label are open, and you can see how much lube you have left with a single glance. There is no risk that she’ll leak. And the risk that you accidentally puncture a hole in her, are also very low, due to the sturdiness of the plastic. The bottle is relatively small, which is an advantage, as because of the size, you can easily pack her into a bag, for masturbation on-the-go.

The label depicts a generic anime girl; the picture looks much more detailed in real-life, than in photos. The branding of Onatsuyu is sublime; this nameless bitch is ripe, stacked, smiling seductively like she just finished your sandwich. What did she put between the ham and cheese, you ask? A wet, pleasent surprise. Her tits are oozing, her pussy is leaking, her panties are as wet as her nipples. Bitch is a fucking factory!


It feels very slippery, and natural. It’s like actual pussy juice. A small dose is enough, because it’s so damn slippery. It doesn’t dry easily. Having tried multiple western lotions over the years, including massage oils, I attest that this Asian babe is a premium fuck. The whole product just feels super clean, there’s no notable odor, which means fewer shitty chemicals in the production formula. That’s good for your health, though a scented lube might stir your senses more. Even when whiffed from up close, there’s barely anything for a human nose to pick up. There is no color, the fluid is fully transparent.


The Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion ranks very high, as one of the better friction removing fluids on the market. Most sextoy shops carry a bottle in their lineup, for good reason. For handjobs Onatsuyu is fine, if you want to turn your cock into a bullet train. I personally prefer handjob lubricants to have more texture, and less friction removal. A lube that totally eliminates friction also removes the intensity of your grip. In my opinion, this lotion is good for onaholes mainly. For holes, you want a lube that lasts you many minutes without need for re-application. I’ve tested her with my Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole, the Dagashi Kashi Parody hole, Tenga Flip Hole, the Futanari Musume Onahole, and pretty much all the rest of my sextoys, including my two dildos. You have to apply plenty of doses though, if you want to try anal activities.


The lube stays fluid easily for ten whole minutes. Yes, ten minutes. A small dose does miracles, reducing the need to apply additional layers during a prolonged session. It lasts far longer than the Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Lotion for example, a lube I’ve been sordidly disappointed with. I’ve been using my bottle for sextoy reviews since 2015, without coming even close to needing a refill. I’ve used many lotions over the years, and this baby beats them hands down. It’s powerful stuff in a plentiful bottle. Shit’s the fucking BOMB.


This is my personal favorite lube brand. I haven’t honestly bothered to seek new lubricants for review after trying her back in 2015. She hits near perfect scores on every key aspect from a good sextoy lubricant. Perfect for dick sleeves, lasts on you virtually forever.

Order at JLIST for $14.00Order at Toydemon for $24.95Order at OtonaJP for $12.00Order at Kanojotoys for $8.00

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