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Sex lubricant review: Superb Fella Saliva Lotion 270ml

by OtakuApologist

Written by John Cattle, edited by Otaku Apologist

Superb Fella Saliva Lotion, made by A-One. I never gave much thought to lubricants. But a different brand of lube can quickly alter the sensations provided in onahole fapping. I knew that the lubricant included with Magic Eyes onaholes ran out quick and didn’t provide much friction removal, and that Astroglide is slicker and lasts longer than many gels. That’s all I knew about lubes, until I tried this product.

This thick, stringy, artificial saliva opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities.



Unlike the onahole orders I get delivered to my doorstep, this product came in a brown USPS cardboard box. I did not specifically order lube. The lube came with the other items I ordered. It was a promotional giveaway, no longer available at Toydemon.com. It was a free gift to go along with my latest large purchase. The usual price per bottles is about $15.00 for 270 milliliters.



The bottle is a plain design: it’s a clear plastic bottle, roughly 8 inches long, 2 inches thick. There’s some Japanese writing on the front, and the boobs of a busty brown-haired anime girl on the front. She’s holding a fat pixelated cock between her tits, her tongue hanging out lewdly from her open, willing mouth. The bottle containing Superb Fella Saliva is a non-ornate bottle that functions as a container to keep the contents safe. One could easly mistake it for soap, or aloe vera. The only decoration is the image and writing described in the packaging section, and it isn’t actually printed onto the bottle inself, but wrapped in a thin plastic cover. The nozel is a standard snapping one which allows one to close it securely after squeezing out the appropriate amount.


Some fapping sessions are longer than others. A sure-fire way to kill the mood, is to be forced to stop to reapply lube. One of the most important factors of a lubricant’s performance is how long it lasts. This artificial saliva has a moderate longevity of roughly 10 minutes, possibly longer. Due to its tendency to foam, the texture changes from slick to velvet-like two minutes into the fap. After its taken on the new texture, you have roughly 8 minutes of smooth sailing ahead!



The product claims to accurately mimic human spit. This product does just that. While seeing it in the bottle, it doesn’t flow from one end to the other, like the most widely recommended onahole lube, Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion. Instead, this lube is more like gel, it flows more slowly. It’s not as thick as hand lotion, yet thicker than water and Onatsuyu, Lasts about 10 minutes before re-application is needed.


The feeling is very different from other lubes I’ve tried. Unlike Astroglide, which only offers slickness, this lubricant changes its texture as you go about your fapping session. Using it on regular onaholes hasn’t seemed to work out so good, it still froths up but doesn’t seem to provide the slickness needed for hardcore pussy toy fucking. When used with oral toys, at first it feels thick, like you haven’t added enough. As your session goes on, it spreads out and provides a velvet-like texture that lasts a surprisingly long time. The more you agitate the fluid, the frothier it becomes. Little tiny air bubbles get stuck in the goop. This is wonderful for oral-themed onaholes.



I’ve been seriously impressed by this product. I plan on getting another bottle when mine runs out. I recommend Superb Fella Saliva Lotion for all onahole enthusiasts, who are looking for that realistic cock-in-mouth feel. You can buy her, at Toydemon.com.

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