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Onahole Review: Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex

by OtakuApologist

Written by Freaky Eddie, edited by Otaku Apologist.

Hello, fappers! It’s me, Freaky Eddie, bisexual degenerate. What you’re about to read is my first ever onahole review. Lucky you! Never before have I stuck my dick into a rubber vagina and told someone my feelings about it. Let’s make this as uncomfortable as possible.

Disclaimers out of the way, my penis is circumsized, which might affect this review. I bought this toy from our sponsor JLIST with my own money, which I earned writing articles here. The deal goes, when I’ve reviewed these sex holes enough, the site admin will negotiate with companies to provide me free monthly shippings with added bribes to afford hookers. I am excited.

Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole was made by ToysHeart. Shipping from Japan, this baby took two and a half weeks to arrive.

Order at Toydemon for $42.95


The Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole box is visually appealing. A sexy maid greets you, her lustful gaze staring into your perverted soul. Her covered breasts and pussy have trickles of fresh sweat pushing from the pores in her bosom. Her frilly panties are glued to her crotch, her plump young cameltoe bulging from underneath. She’s wearing her uniform, that’s seemingly a few numbers too tight – this must be her dress for “special” playtime. Like a true-born Japanese, her hair is naturally black with no clashing root growth. Her wholesome body just screams “put your dick in me!” The back of the box features the inner structure prominently, so you can easily inspect her vagina and imagine the good times she will offer you.

The name, Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole, is accurate. The main gimmick of this onahole is the uterus-like entrance at the back of the hole. A deviation from a simple dick sleeve design, this onahole has the internal structure of a vagina, but instead of ending in a simple cone shape, they created a small uterus shape to drink the cock milk.

The package is plain cardboard with a plastic wrap around it. It’s very clean, and there’s this sense of promise, when you hold it in your hand. When the package arrived, the cardboard was slightly squished, as you can see in the picture. This damage will, sadly, hurt its resale value. A pristine package would’ve raised its auctionable value in the eyes of sextoy collectors. It’s very sad.

The shipping process must have been a rough ride, a prelude to how our life together will be. I guess even though Japan is literally next to United States, when you choose cheaper shipping, there’s gonna be damage. It’s the risk you take, when you wanna make savings. The reason that some shipping is cheaper, is because the transports are loaded with more stuff; you spend less on fuel, and less on middlemen, to deliver more items. Thus, the unit-cost of shipped items goes down. It costs less to the customer. The offset is, the items take a while travelling around the world, usually on sea and land travel. A box of onaholes travelling from a different corner of the world is taxing to both people and things.

The onahole looks like it survived the journey. It’s a hunk of flesh-colored silicone. The entrance features a small pubic cleft over a crease where the hole itself sits. Two cheeks on both sides enhance the illusion it’s actual juicy female genitalia.


The synthetic skin is soft, and squishy. There was no pungent silicon odor when I pulled the baby out of her package. The other toys I’m riding right now seem to have that trait. There are no after-effects from touching this toy, no powdery residue or pigment rubbing off.

I used Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion by ToysHeart for this review. Lubed up, the toy does make some light squelching noises as you fuck it. If you follow their instructions and squish the air out before penetration, the sounds are greatly reduced, but there is still some sound. The material, after only a dozen rides, has begun to stretch and disintegrate in some places. A small crease running horizontally has formed in the middle of the shaft. This could be from use or simply me compacting it too much for storage. There are a few places where the synthetic skin has lost the top most layer, though this is purely cosmetic. There is no difference in texture both internal and external at these places. Lastly, there are some minor pockmarks beginning to form on the “top” of the onahole. This is right where my dick pushes against the back of the hole; the uterus.

Yeah, I rode this thing enough times, I managed to cause quite a lot of wear and tear. I imagine another twenty rides might be enough to destroy her completely. Other than that, my maid hole is doing fantastically. My other gripe is how this thing is a freakin’ magnet for lint. I swear to god, I clean this thing and five minutes later there’s dust and lint all over this thing.


A synthetic hole is infinitely better than your hand, there’s no debate about that. However, there are certain qualities that can make a hole better or worse when compared to other onaholes of similar quality. The Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole is, without a doubt, a pleasurable onahole.

Thrusting into this bad boy is better than my hand, and having total coverage over my entire dick feels great. However, I do have some issues with this hole. The single greatest problem with the material that I have is the lack of internal textures. There’s nothing within this hole that truly stands out to me as “Oh, that’s what that part feels like”. When I jerked off with a Tenga Disposable Egg, that shit had texture out the ass. The bumps and ridges were pronounced, and felt really good. With the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole it just feels like a warm, squishy mass around my dick. I’m not entirely sure if I could even feel the psuedo-uterus entrance at the end of the hole.

If you want sensations that are distinctly different from a normal, boring human vagina, this isn’t it. the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole is light years better than your hand. But I still kept wishing for more eventful textures. Maybe I’m just a snob when it comes to sensations on my dick. The material degrades fast, but otherwise it feels like quality in use. It’s pretty quiet in the end. If I had to choose a way to describe how it felt fucking this hole, I’d say it’s similar to a microwaved watermelon; Squishy, tight, and pleasurable, but no definite curves, ridges, or bumps.


Cleaning this onahole is a breeze. I’m a full-time student, I live in a building with a hundred other people, and I’ve managed to clean this in our public sinks. You run warm tap water inside and outside of the toy, rinse out the inside, pat dry the outside, then let the inside dry in normal room temperature. It takes about one minute to clean it, then skitter back to your cave. I’ve even been able to clean it by simply emptying a water bottle over it, when privacy wasn’t an option.

The Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole is a pleasurable hole to fuck. Its grip is nice, the texture feels good, and the gimmick is cute. The skin feels soft, and cleaning is fast. Order at Toydemon for $42.95

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