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JAST USA: Princess-X Release Date Announced

by OtakuApologist

Written by Nicholas Graham, JAST USA – September 24, 2017

We’re excited today to announce the official release date of Princess-X, our first game title from our partnership with CYC. The game will be released October 31, 2017. Yes, we are releasing this comical Monster Girl title on Halloween!

Here are the gameplay specs:

  • Monster Girls!
  • Fully-voiced by industry veterans such as Himari (Nekopara, euphoria, ChuSinGura 46+1) and Ringo Aoba (euphoria, Deardrops, Eiyu*Senki).
  • Sexy artwork from the popular Japanese illustrator and adult game artist
  • A total of 43 unique sex scenes.
  • 10-20 hours of visual novel gameplay.

Story Summary

Shinichi Mikuriya had an ordinary life with his two cute, cheeky little sisters and his borderline psychopath of a childhood friend. Then one day his absentee father called with news.

His father had been up to some business and he’d needed a bargaining chip, so now Shinichi has a fiancée! A beautiful lamia girl from an extremely dangerous military empire, and she even seems to like him. Plus, she’ll destroy the world if he doesn’t marry her.

More news from Dad. It turns out he’s been making a lot of very profitable deals…

An innocent centaur knight, a sassy machine princess, and an airheaded arachnid aristocrat join Shinichi, his sisters, and the lamia empress-to-be in his home. They’ll destroy the world if he doesn’t marry them, too. Except the spider girl – she’ll just kill herself instead.

Shinichi’s life has gone from ordinary to powder keg. What wacky misunderstandings, intense adventures, and incredible insertions lie ahead?!


Package Editions Now Available For Preorder @ J-List

We’re opening up preorders in partnership with J-List, where you can get special pre-order exclusives while stocks last! Pre-Orders will also be available through other retailers in October.

J-List Pre-Order Content:

  • Princess-X Game for Windows DVD
  • In-Box Download Code for jastusa.com
  • Pre-Order Exclusive: Princess-X Soundtrack with 27 tracks.
  • J-List Pre-Order Exclusive: Four Princess-X Character Pins

Preview of the J-List Princess-X Pre-Order with Exclusives:

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