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Taboo Romance Visual Novel Review: Shoujo Dominance

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Shoujo Dominance, a hentai visual novel developed by Montceros. Released July 21, 2020. Download on JAST USA for $15.00. For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Reina Akashi is in love with her totally unrelated stepdaddy! She doesn’t have the courage to tell him about her feelings, but when the time comes to leave for college, she finally lets it out! How will he react? Does daddy love her back?!

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After the death of her mother, Reina Akashi has been living alone with her completely, absolutely non-blood related father. A man and a woman alone in a quiet household, it doesn’t take long for nature to take its course!

The plot of this game is super simple. It starts out with an erotic scene, then does a flashback to explain things. When Reina’s stepfather pressures her about college and moving out, she confesses her love for him and gives him a blowjob.

There is only one choice in the entire story. Will the man be loving? Or will he become super possessive to the point of insanity?

There are two endings. The loving ending shows Reina marrying the guy in a catholic chapel. The possessive ending shows Reina being impregnated with two children and treated as a total fuckdoll by her daddy.

While I liked the simple and easy to follow story, I felt like things escalated too quickly. Reina is a character that’s deeply explored until she begins having sex. Then she becomes a lustful lady who doesn’t really think anymore. The storytelling takes a backseat and the game becomes a full-blown porn adventure.


As a visual novel game, the focus is on dialogue and characters. Click the screen to progress the dialogue. Press CTRL to skip dialogue. The scroll option on the mouse allows players to view the backlog.

The game has only one choice that locks you on one route until the end.

Players can toggle Reina’s glasses on or off without pausing the game, with a button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Players can also customize the names of Reina and her daddy.


The art assets are 2D CGs focused on Reina. In the possessive ending, Reina’s daughters are also shown. Besides that, no other characters are illustrated in-game. Not even Daddy has much art of him!

The artworks are masterfully done. Reina has wonderfully thick thighs and large breasts, perfectly matching her girly outfits and blushing face. Her Daddy has a six pack and a thick veiny cock. The lighting and shading is done masterfully. There’s often a window functioning as an easy directional light source.

Reina’s eye color seems to vary depending on the scene. During the blowjob she has amber eyes. Her eyes gain a reddish hue when you deflower her. During the wedding scene there’s a light pink hue on her eyes. This didn’t bother me too much, but it was a bit distracting, even if symbolic. The user interface is gorgeous. The options menu allows you to customize window transparency, text colors, text outlines, etc.

While the beginning of the game is dialogue focused, the middle and end of the game are entirely focused on sex and creampies. This was sad because the standing art is no longer used. Reina’s various expressions from shock to embarrassment only appeared during the first half of the game, which was a big disappointment. Her moaning face is nice, but I preferred the wide range of expressions from early-game.


Shoujo Dominance features full voice acting for Reina. Every single line is fully voiced in Japanese and totally erotic! Like when she says “Yes daddy please”, she sounds so hot! Plenty of games have talk about big cocks, but only this game emphasizes unique dialogue like this! Hearing her beg for a creampie while the image shows the action from a first-person perspective is wonderful. I wish the game was longer so I could hear more of her.

The sound effects in this game are limited to sex scenes only. Even then, sound effects are always secondary to the moaning and yelps of pleasure from Reina. From penetration to ejaculation, the sound effects are very erotic. With the game lasting only three hours, the sounds never get repetitive.


The soundtrack has five tracks in total. “Pair Beneath the Moonlight” is a lovely piano track with a delicate and sweet melody. It perfectly evokes the image of a young girl confessing to her true love. “A Shared Secret” is pure guitar, soft and easy to play. It feels like something I could learn to play myself, like a lullaby. It’s a loving moment for Reina’s secret relationship, and it’s beautiful. Every track is gorgeous in its own right. They’re simple, honest, and emotional. Pick any track at random when you’re feeling it, and you’ll cry like a baby!


Shoujo Dominance features 10 sex scenes. Because there are two routes, you need to save your game before the choice in order to view them all.

The dialogue is hilarious. You read lines like “Yes! Your pussy is better than your mother’s!” I know that the situation where the line occurred was upposed to be a serious moment, but it was just so random, I couldn’t stop smiling!

In another scene, Reina gets fucked so hard she pisses herself. It was totally random and unnecessary. And the possessive ending of the game is even stranger, where Reina actually gets pregnant! I honestly did not expect that to happen. I suppose fetishists are gonna be cumming buckets at this development.

Sex positions range from the classic sixty-nine to doggystyle. You deflower Reina in the missionary position, while plenty of scenes feature popular positions like the cowgirl. It’s a great one to show a woman’s body.


Shoujo Dominance is a perverted Japanese porn game about a busty babe Reina banging her daddy! The voice acting is fantastic, the visuals and audio are gorgeous, and the fantastic music makes you super emotional during key dramatic moments. Altogether, this is one saucy hentai experience that explores the theme of a forbidden romance.

Download Shoujo Dominance. If you love this game but prefer 3D art, then check out our reviews of My Legacy.

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