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One Piece Oppai Mousepads – Available at JLIST

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Oppai mousepads are just like your ordinary ergonomic mousepads with wrist support. If you’re playing PC games all day, you’re cruising towards a lifetime of chronic wrist pain. A sexy ergonomic mousepad will keep your mouse hand in a natural pose, pain-free. If you’re not afflicted already, you can avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The only difference to mainstream mousepads is that there’s an image of a sexy girl. You rest your hand on her boobs.

Size: 22×25×3cm (8761in). Price: $20.00.

Quoted from JLIST’s product page:

Now, if you’re not a fan of the anime series One Piece, we’re sure that you’ll be interested in watching after seeing this fun offering from the folks at Morimoto Sangyo. Featuring Nami, this oppai mouse pad brings the anime series much closer to you than ever expected. It does a great job keeping your wrist ergonomically supported with her large breasts while working to keep your blood pumping too. This is an exciting computer accessory for those who like to “keep it real.” Save your wrists from the stresses of daily computer use and enjoy the comfort this ergonomically gifted mousepad has to offer.

Support our website and your wanking hand’s health! Order your oppai mousepad while stocks last!

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