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Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden Shamsiel Figure – Release in September 2018

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Browsing JLIST’s latest figures, my eyes were delighted to find Shamsiel, from Funbag Fantasy (Kyounyuu Fantasy Gaiden in Japanese). This sexy figure is wearing a very standard black bikini that would make her the central attraction of any beach party. The swimsuit graces her ultra feminine curves, and can be removed. Shamsiel is the cock sleeve that joins Lute Hende in his epic quest for boobs and providence. We reviewed Funbag Fantasy in 2017.

The figure is produced by Lechery, in collaboration with Mabel. JLIST’s retail price runs at $160.00. Pre-order now.

Quoted from the product page at JLIST:

Kyonyuu Fantasy is the sexy visual novel set in a medieval setting about a student of knight school who graduated with the lowest grades and got assigned in a backwater province as an assistant to the chief of the village where he does menial tasks during which he meets super hot women with large breasts of various race and status from a succubus to a knight who’s a former classmate of the main character. This is an amazing 1/6 scale figure of Shamsiel the succubus recreated in 3D form from the cover of the game box. Mabell and Lechery did a fine job capturing the look of Shamsiel with lots of detail and excellent craftsmanship. Even better, you can remove what little clothing she has to expose her magnificent body. A nice addition to your cast-off figure collection. This is the bikini version.

If Shamsiel’s new figure is right up your alley, you are well-advised to pre-order her before e-bay resellers hoard boxes of her, to raise prices later. These items are always produced in limited supply, for the fans of these relatively obscure pieces of media. This item is eligible for -10% pre-order discount. Release date late 2018.

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