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Hentaireviews November 2018 Business Update

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Hentaireviews grew substantially this past October. Traffic was great, and revenues continue to be solid. I’m happy to announce that no cuts to the writing, or art budgets are needed. Some freelancers even received conservative raises this month. Let’s look at the numbers.


Our traffic this past October was hovering between 5000 and 7000 daily page views. Search engines are sending us a consistent 1600 to 2000 daily visitors. N4G.com sends us a consistent 100-500 daily visitors. Thanks to Rastafoo69 promoting our articles on Reddit, forums, and Minds.com, we are receiving several thousand additional daily visitors. The site is approaching 1 million lifetime page views.

Meanwhile, our social medias have been growing very slowly. We have about 530 followers on Tumblr, 880 followers on Twitter, 930 on Hentai Foundry, 260 on Steemit, 130 on Gab.


While the number of Nutaku signups our site generates has been increasing with our traffic, our sales revenues are somewhat stagnant. Sextoy sales have been sluggish, and it’s clear we need to review more products and ramp up the promotion. We are designing new ads to boost sales of products.

Also, as our model is heavily reliant on Nutaku’s ad revenue, this poses an existential risk in the long term; While the current staff and management at Nutaku are great people, the management could change in the future. We need more revenue sources to keep growing, and to reduce risks.

Our main campaign, which includes the collective sales data from all my websites, is showing surprisingly bad numbers. After the summer gold rush, our sales have stabilized way below $1000.

The below graphic shows our sales revenues from the sinnerfans we clickbaited to Nutaku between 2017-2018. I’m very happy with these numbers. This critical income lets us operate at current capacity.

The other companies in ad rotation are contributing less. Sales from Toydemon bring about $50 a month, while JLIST sales amount to roughly $100. It’s not very impressive, but neither have we focused on those companies’ wares lately. The extra income is still welcome.


With the site growing more popular, companies are showing more interest to promote their products. These days, I’m receiving emails every day from aspiring writers wanting to review hentai games, while companies want me to review their latest releases. I’m grabbing every opportunity by the balls.

These past months, we had to buy the DLsite download licenses with our own money. This is changing now, as I’m chatting up with DLsite staff to receive free review licenses. I’m also negotiating with sextoy retailers to receive free toys, I’m working to formulate ad packages for companies that lack affiliate programs.

Cutting costs is essential to maintain payouts to writers at 3 cents a word.


I haven’t hired an assisting editor yet. I’m editing every article alone, which eats the bulk of my daily energy and time. I’m working to update our business model first, because we can’t afford to publish faster anyway.

I’m training writers to produce more complete articles without hours of editing needed to bring everything to standard. I can’t hire more amateur writers, and current ones have to improve.

On the comic production side, I’m testing letting the artists create storyboards on their own. Our comic production is sluggish because I’ve been highly controlling of their process. I’m exploring a new approach.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our articles and supporting the site.

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Rastafoo69 October 30, 2018 - 6:46 am

1) If you can’t hire more amateur’s shouldn’t you remove the jobs link?

2) Remember that review we wrote for Civilian Justice League 2? And how in one scene the girl used an onahole to pleasure a line full of guys? We should haveve put an onahole ad right in the middle of the article – smack dab right there!

3) Speaking of which – we should review more games that prominently feature onaholes and sex toys. None come to mind at the moment – but just a thought.

Also thanks for the mention in the article! Glad I’m such a super-star ^_^

OtakuApologist October 30, 2018 - 11:44 am

Yeah. I need to craft more ads. I’m also commissioning Kia to make some banners.


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