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Nutaku Launches Free Gay Dating Sim

by OtakuApologist

Good old Nutaku has launched a new very gay dating sim in the browser gaming section of their online service. Booty Calls: Men at Work. Players can indulge in charming conversations, and addictive Match-3 puzzle mini-games in this very gay dating sim, now available on Android and on browser. If you don’t have a Nutaku account yet, sign up and start playing.

Having launched an independent LGBTQ+ section in December 2018, this latest gay version of Booty Calls serves up a solid new addition to Nutaku’s growing selection of very gay fucking games that virtue signal leftists as hard as Canada’s prime minister.

About Booty Calls: Men At Work Gamers take the role of personal assistant to Owen Thorn, the boss of a big entertainment company. As an aspiring Content Creator, players walk around town to appoint sexy men to boost up the entertainment business. Players get to hang around with five different guys, each honing unique personalities. Meeting them might seem easy, but figuring out what they desire is not! With constant character improvement, and engaging Match-3 puzzle mechanics, players can impress these studs to increase their chances of getting some spicy action!

Key Features
– Five sexy men with unique personalities and appearances
– Match-3 puzzle mechanics
– Receive messages from the guys, and unlockable sexy images
– Multiple choice system
– Character improvement
– Browser and Android, Windows and Mac
– Hardcore virtue signaling

About Nutaku

Nutaku.net is an online gaming portal featuring 18+ games from around the world. Created in 2014, the site debuted by distributing Japanese browser games and now includes a vibrant community, weekly contests, and seasonal game deals. Boasting over 25 million visitors per month, Nutaku is the largest English website in the world dedicated to 18+ games. In addition, Nutaku recently launched Kimochi Red Light, a non-profit crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to 18+ games where developers get to keep 100% of the campaign money raised outside of payment processing fees. For more information, please visit: Nutaku.net and kimochi.co.

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