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Public Letter of Recommendation for Rastafoo69: Writer and Content Marketer

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Rastafoo69 is an American freelance writer. He started working for Hentaireviews.moe in 2018. This is my public endorsement of his services. If you’re a potential employer reading this, please read below for all the details you wish to know.

Rastafoo69’s employment at my website started in October 1st, 2018. His first article was a game review of Prank War. Today is April 30th, 2021, marking his three years of full-time employment.

This guy was my most prolific writer, and took on the job of a content marketing strategist alongside his writing duties. He promoted our articles to tens of thousands of new readers across the web. He’s a skilled user of social media, and a maverick of forum promotion. He knows almost everything there is to know about hentai games.

He’s a very smart, very honest person. You would be wise to listen to his poignant criticism. He has a strong personality, a particularly strong connection to reality, enabled by his keen intellect. I have been proud to employ his services.

He worked for thousands of hours to increase our traffic and profile in numerous hentai communities. He created an uncountable number of backlinks, forum posts, and even made us company connections that turned profitable. No employer could ask for a better employee. This guy is able to fully dedicate himself to your projects. His only weaknesses are his occasional grammar mistakes, which he compensates for with his sheer speed. He can put out a full weeks worth of articles on his lonesome.

As of time of writing, Rastafoo69 has written some 400+ articles for my website. You can view his portfolio from this link. He has also made some 150+ videos across multiple adult video streaming platforms, totaling 4.2 million views. Check out our Xvideos page for samples.

The content marketing Rastafoo69 did for my site doubled, even tripled our traffic on the best months. He promoted our articles on sites such as Voat.co, Reddit, F95Zone, Gelbooru, and many more. All of that was incredible amounts of work, and he did it spectacularly.

If you wish to inquire more details about Rastafoo69’s working experience at Hentaireviews.moe, you can contact me via email at otakuapologist@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Contact information of Rastafoo69:

skype: telephone2145

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