Written by Mistress Valentine, edited by Sexy and Otaku Apologist

Nurse Sofi, an adult puzzle game developed and published by Pen in Apple Studio. Released on April 6, 2021. Download on Nutaku for €2.00. Available for PC Windows. Partial voice acting (moaning only). Uncensored genitals.


You visit a clinic to see if you’re sick. The attending nurse is an ultra-sexy, big-titted cutey. She sits you down and starts your checkup. Accidentally drops her thermometer down her cleavage and needs to show you her breasts to get it out. She gives you a tittyfuck to get your dick hard and even lets you fuck her. Before you can cum, she takes hold of your penis and milks your cum into a bottle. She will run tests on your tadpoles later!

The game has only a handful of text to read. A few sentences before every stage is shown but everything is inconsequential to the story. Almost everything that happens relies on you interpreting the CGs.


You progress through Nurse Sofi by matching tiles in pairs in order to unlock CGs that become available after every stage. At the start of each stage, a series of tiles will flash onscreen. You must memorize the positions of every tile or struggle to match them. After you clear a stage, you get to fap to the CG until you cum. You can cheat your way past every stage by hitting the CTRL+F on the keyboard.


Nurse Sofi features an updated art style from previous Pen in Apple titles. The artwork feels closer to modern visual novels with bright, vibrant color schemes, thin edge lines and strong use of light and shadows.

CGs have rich detail that pop when you look at it. The sprites use the same 2.5D animation but feature more realistic bodily movement. When the nurse’s breasts, hair, hip and skirt sway, it tricks you into thinking she’s real. Subtle things like the nurse’s hand or the curtains that move constantly while you play help immerse you into the game even if it is only a preprogrammed loop.

The nurse has a cheaply designed character with no other poses. She always wears a mask so you can’t see her lewd expressions. Tiles in the game have a variety of images with a medical motif. Thermometers, bandages, first aid kits, pills, syringes and x-ray scans are some of the tiles you’ll get to turn over.

The CGs are impressive. They become progressively sexier as the game goes on. The artwork moves and feels alive. The dick moves while it’s being jerked by the nurse. When she loses control of her tits, they bounce around wildly.


Nurse Sofi has no voice acting. Once you clear a stage, you can hear some generic moaning that was lifted from some online sound library. The grunts are not sexy.

The game features limited sound effects. When you clear a stage, a cute bell will ring. There are also sounds for flipping tiles face up and down, and several abstract button select noises.


The soundtrack is limited to one or two songs. Throughout the game you’ll hear original instruments like the saxophone, electric guitar, drum and piano. The songs relax you and make it easy to get sucked into the intricate puzzle solving. Tracks are long. You barely notice when they change. The music is not very interesting and is easily forgettable as soon as you switch off the game.


Sex in Nurse Sofi is okay. Nine CGs are not enough to make a veteran masturbator cum and not all of the CGs feature the nurse in a sexual situation. She drops her thermometer trying to take your temperature and flails about trying to get it unstuck from her cleavage. Her boobs way lasciviously.

The nurse also gives your dick a boobjob. The artwork lets you see your character’s cock in great detail with the veins clearly showing as you roughly have sex with the nurse’s enormous rack. The nurse finds herself in a hot mess and jumps on your dick. She has to be careful not to let you cum but she doesn’t mind bouncing around on your cock for a while. She even lets you ram her doggystyle. The characters move in beautiful animated loops.

The final CG shows the nurse jerk your dick off into a bottle and sampling your cum. This is easily my favorite part of the story. It’s both lewd and hilarious to have half my character’s penis in a bottle being forced to cum for a cute girl.


Nurse Sofi has some uniquely styled anime artwork. Combined with the 2.5D engine, this game looks a lot sexier than other Apple in Pen titles I’ve played. If you want a quick, emotionless fap, cum to Sofi as she frees all your pent-up sexual frustrations with her massive tits. You can download Hentai Nurse Sofi at Nutaku.

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