Hisan, guys and girls. Thanks everyone for all the support these past years that has made it possible for us to produce a whole art team’s worth of comics. We are always working on innumerable projects, and once they’re done, we make everything available for your viewing pleasure at otakusexart.com.

If you want to stay up to date on all the projects, I’m posting everything on Twitter. You can find the earliest sketches and updates and my ramblings that sometimes turn into new projects on twitter.com/clickbaithentai.

You can download absolutely everything we make, and share it on your social medias, forums or wherever, that’s all part of the plan. It helps us a lot when you share our media!

If you’re not in our community Discord yet, join today. We’re still small thanks to the ban we suffered years ago, but there’s plenty of daily activity regardless.

Your every purchase from our advertisers DLSite, Nutaku, Erogames, iStripper, Hentai Heroes, Mangagamer, JLIST, Toydemon (we should promote the toys more, actually), and the smaller ones, is important. I’m having some headaches withdrawing all the payouts from so many affiliate accounts, but we’ll fix that issue down the line.

Our business is still a beautiful, creative mess! Our website upgrades are all delayed and many big projects in a chaotic state! The new versions for Otakusexart and Hentaireviews and even Hentai-onahole.moe are coming.

In the meantime, we’re using temporary solutions. For example, we have a specified subdomain for our completed comics, so you can actually find stuff. Have you visited shop.otakusexart.com? I’m adding only the completed comics with written dialog there, the art-only versions require some browsing to find…

At the time of writing, Hentai-onahole.moe is fucked. The site is slow and hasn’t been updated in years! We’re redoing the entire site before pushing it again. For now, rather visit otakusexart.com/support.