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Onahole Review: My Ona Pet ZERO Catgirl Starter Hole

by OtakuApologist

Konnichiwa, fappers and kouhais! all me Otaku Apologist, the master of monkey spanking, a Hentai King in the making. Pet Zero is the latest ride for my medium-sized uncircumsized snowflake king’s rod. I have stroked my cock daily since I was 12 years old, 2-4 times a day. When I say a toy is good, it’s good, and this catgirl cum dumpster is pure value.

This catgirl pussy toy is pure value. For the price of two hamburger meals, you can get a cum-hungry cocksucker.

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Like all bitches, Pet Zero lies through her teeth. She smiles like an untouched virgin, but underneath her rehearsed mask, lurks a cock-curious beast. Like a cheap AIDS-sick whore, this catgirl packs her ass in two sizes too small school girl dress. She needs the money to afford HIV-meds for her litter, thus she will suki suki you for twelve dolla. Ready for action, Pet Zero has under her skirt a bottle of lube, good for 5 rides!

For Alexander Hamilton’s dong, mother catgirl spreads her dripping-wet cunt, without complaint. Her experienced slit is a straight-forward tunnel. She doesn’t fight it; you can ram her to the bottom without issue. Her small body is carved for an easy grip. You can fuck her as fast, or as intently as you want; she’ll take your whole length. Press her, apply pressure on your shaft through the pink skin, let her milk empty the insides of your low-hanging balls.

Because my penis suffers from a mild case of erectile dysfunction, I have to be rough with my toys to get anything out. That is why I appreciate this type simple no-bullshit texture. Better to burn out than fade away.

After creaming deeply, as you notice her no longer breathing, flip her inside out. Like the classic Tenga 3D sleeves, Pet Zero can be cleaned with ease and without bullshit. Pour water on her intestines and wash out the evidence, dry with a towel.

Sadly, ona pets are often born with tight inner structures that are prime soil for mold. That is why catgirls like Pet Zero are my favorite; be thorough, and there is a 0% chance that any lube, cum, or moisture is left for forensics. A well-maintained pet can be played with for years.

Order at JLIST (JP) for $12.00Order at Kanojotoys (JP) for $8.00

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