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Stank Bitch is an onahole themed around slutty women. She’s a compact little fucker with a wide open vaginal canal and loose lips – that’s from taking so much cock up her snatch! Made by A-One, she’s perhaps the most well-rounded male sextoy to come out of Japan in recent years. Most notable is the incredibly low price for such a high-quality pocket pussy. Does this bitch have a trick up her sleeve? Or is she truly the most popular slut of her school for a reason?

Order at Motsutoys (EU) €19.95Order at OtonaJP (JP) 1580yen Order at Kanojotoys (JP) $13.00

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The package depicts the slutty cock-addicted bitch rejoicing her random pregnancy. She’s no clue who’s the father, she doesn’t care. A life-long democrat and political activist, she’s a hardcore proponent of the welfare-warfare state. When she’s not getting her pussy rammed by some hunk from the local bar, she’s majoring in gender studies in a top university. She’s politically woke and active in her local community, organizing protests on Facebook to promote gender equality and subsidization of rape culture on taxpayer money. She loves casual sex. In her minds, it’s not wrong to steal money from working-class men, it’s reparations after thousands of years of male oppression that women like her can finally have out-of-control sex lives. Stank Bitch is, naturally, a daughter of a single mother, and she’s going to be the mother of a single mother. Let the cycles of dysfunction echo through the generations.

You can see all the goods from the side of the package. The internal structure of her pussy is grotesquely visible – just how she likes it. The toy is very soft and easy to squeeze, you can see some white-skinned pervert’s hands abusing her like that’s never going to damage her. The Japanese text is as incomprehensible to me as always.

The package includes a very small packet of water-based lube. It’s enough for 1-2 masturbation sessions.


The material is TPE rubber. It’s a very flexible type of rubber that returns to its original form. It’s durable enough to endure stress. Just don’t go crazy if you don’t want wear and tear. The surface of the toy is smooth, and leaves a mild rubbery smell on any surface it touches. It’s easy to wash the smell off. The material has some visible imperfections, but these are integral to the theme: Japanese and English text litter her slutty little body. The writing is cut into the toy, like wounds. She’s painted in a flesh-like color on the outside, and a cute pink on the inside. She’s cut off and sealed where her shoulders should start. No air can escape this pussy once your dick is buried deep.

The outside of the toy has droopy vaginal lips and a pair of cute breasts with nipples. She’s shaped like the torso of a woman, with buttocks, a belly button, an hourglass-shaped body. It’s kind of creepy if you think about it!


The toy has a loose hole that’s eager to squeeze you dry. Once you’ve plugged her with your cock, she won’t stop savoring your meat until she’s ripped the lumpy load from your balls. This bitch is dick-hungry. She isn’t ashamed to take what she wants. The vacuum suction is not the strongest, but it gets intense when you squeeze her. If the toy was more bulky, you wouldn’t be able to affect the sensations. But because Stank Bitch’s skin is actually very thin, she has a large empty internal structure. You can grab her, massage her, explore the bumpy walls of her vaginal tunnel. She feels best when you’re close to cumming. The moment when you’re just throbbing to unload, and all the blood is packed into your engorged glans, ready to spray the pussy in white gooey baby cream, that’s when she starts rubbing at your hot spots.


The cleaning process of Stank Bitch is easier compared to many similar sextoys. You don’t need any specialized equipment. Let a torrent of tap water wash out all the cum and lube. Keep the tap running for 20 seconds. Stick two fingers in to feel out any stickiness. Dry the outside with a normal household towel. Now it’s just the hole that still needs to be dried. When drying the water from the hole, you’re in for a ride. It’s damn easy to stuff in a normal bulky household towel, which is something you cannot do with most sextoys. Remember to stick in two fingers to test whether she’s still moist in the wrong places. Sextoys get mold and bacteria quickly if you’re sloppy. Let her air dry in a dry open place. I’m giving a high rating for the cleaning process of Stank Bitch, because you don’t need specialized equipment to dry her.


Stank Bitch is a refreshing male sextoy with a solid design. For such an affordable dick milking fucktoy, I wasn’t expecting this level of quality. It’s a modern miracle of capitalism that a small piece of rubber can provide unparalleled pleasures for a man. I have been very happy to ride my white dick inside of Stank Bitch, and I’m convinced she’d be happy to take you right after I’m done creaming her womb. Find more sextoys we’ve reviewed at www.hentai-onahole.moe.

Order at Motsutoys (EU) €19.95Order at OtonaJP (JP) 1580yen Order at Kanojotoys (JP) $13.00

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