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Galaxy Girls, a yuri hentai visual novel developed by Dharker Studios. Released in November 12, 2017. Download on Nutaku.net for $28.00. Available for PC Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

A story of four women discovering their latent homosexuality in space. Made by the same developer team as Negligee, Galaxy Girls is a passable fap fodder game with gorgeous visuals that outshine its other lackings.


Galaxy Girls features four female characters of varying cup sizes: Erica, Kotoha, Sara, and Emilia.

Erica is a neurotic pushover with bisexual tendencies. She tries to act like an authority to her non-consenting crew. This plan is doomed to fail from the start, because she’s a total pussy. She gains no respect from her crew members, who smell the beta female vibes off her. Erica is not paying them any salaries, nor does she have a prior relationship with them, nor does she have any idea what they want out of life. Without leverage, expertise, or any plot-convenient dramatic challenges that would let her showcase her prowess, how is Erica supposed to make the girls give a fuck?

Kotoha is a total otaku, who likes her anime with sexual harassment jokes. She’s a mechanic by profession. She wears blue mascara and lipstick, like she’s emo or something. Very easy-going on the surface, Kotoha is actually pretty secretive, and a snowflake, that doesn’t wanna talk about her past life on Earth. What is she hiding?

Sara is the blonde. She’s tanned, smart, and very serious-minded. She’s also very distrustful of Erica. I managed to piss her off so hard, I never accessed her route, so never learned more about her.

Emilia is a stowaway. She sneaked into the ship without anybody knowing. She has a milfy body, and has no qualms about fucking everybody. In some of my playthroughs, she started unapologetically two-timing Erica, and Kotoha. She made moves on both, even licked Kotoha’s pussy. She’s very secretive, and looks kind of evil. I don’t know what’s going on with this girl.


You are a crew of women that’s been sent to space. Apparently, two of the women never consented to the galactic voyage on space ship Blossom. Does this qualify as rape? Of course it does; These days, rape is anything you want it to be.

The plot has the girls do mundane things like eat food, watch anime, talk stupid shit, play games. The only real drama comes from a surprise passenger showing up, and the ship malfunctioning. The stowaway doesn’t add drama to the story, which doesn’t even follow any dramatic structure. Really, practically nothing happens in this game. Little annoyances take place, an alarm goes off, a control panel goes crazy, etc. The girls are often just reacting to random things that happen. If you choose wrong in mundane dialog options, everyone dies. The possibility of death would make for some drama, with a proper build-up, if there was something actually at stake. Personally I never learned what the purpose of the girls’ mission was, so I had no clue what was happening. Everybody in the crew was clueless about what they’re supposed to be doing, so eventually they just got bored, and started licking pussy.

So, recapping; the girls wake up from cryogenic sleep, on a space ship named Blossom. Not all the girls consented to this, and one girl illegally hopped on board. Erica, the main character, tries to befriend all these strange people, and establish herself as an authority figure. She fails miserably, the girls throw workplace ethics out of the air lock, and the ship descents into homosexual chaos. This game is very liberal.


Galaxy Girls is a visual novel. The gameplay is limited to clicking forward the story, choosing from a variety of dialog options. The story takes on different routes, depending on your choices, and there are multiple endings. There’s very little actual game here, but that’s no issue if you know the medium, and already enjoy it. People play visual novels for the story.

It’s notable that the game only has six save slots. You’ll have to strategize with your saves.


The character art is yummy yummy. I particularly enjoy the coloring, that’s filled with little details that exenuate the womens’ body shapes. The breasts, necks, and thighs have lovely shadows. The painted lips, makeup, blushing cheeks, make the women look gorgeous. The character designs look very fuckable. The sprites have multiple expressions and alternate clothes, they look consistent throughout the story. Hairs are done nicely, lingerie is exquisitely detailed.

The backgrounds also look absolutely gorgeous. For a game developed by a western company, these visuals are high-tier. The one thing i enjoyed about Negligee, was the art. The same artists did the art for Galaxy Girls.


The game has no voice acting, and very, very little sound. There’s basically no audio.


The music sounds synthetic, like it’s composed with a PC music program. I remember listening to songs like this back when Super Nintendo was the shit. The tunes are not epic and fast-paced, like Star Fox, but more like Gradius (maybe?). The opening song is the jazziest, and goes through many phases and moods. It sounds like something my music hobbyist brother composed on his keyboard. The first song that plays when you start the game, is whimsical, and drawn-out, like waking up on a faraway deserted beach. The other songs have more (annoying) highlights, but keep on masterfully nailing this casual feeling like your life is going nowhere, and nothing of importance is happening. I don’t know if that’s the mood the composer was shooting for.

The music is really difficult to describe. The style choice is disconnected from any contemporary cultural trends that I can identify. I’d like to say the music is old-fashioned, but at the same time, there doesn’t feel to be a time period it’s drawing inspiration from. Almost every track just sounds really strange in my ear.

There’s variety between the tracks, and especially in the beginning, you find yourself listening to a new song in every scene. A couple songs crank out a nasty “crack” when the loop hits. The imperfections in the audio department are mild, it’s mostly the high notes that annoy me.


Galaxy Girls does well with the teasing. There’s fetching lingerie shots throughout the game, building up your appetite for a nice, sloppy lesbian sex scene. There’s teasing, like when Kotoha goes full retard and gets everybody’s clothes dirty, next scene we see the women in the laundry room, in their underwear. Their bickering is really sexy, because you know they’re all gonna fuck eventually.

There’s a couple juicy masturbation scenes I was able to unlock. I also got an erotic slumber party, and a pussy licking scene. With such enticing character designs, I hoped for less effort to see them fuck their brains out. The sex scenes had mild animation, like moving lips and eyes, and shivering bodies. The descriptions were juicy, the mood was intense, accompanied by fitting music. None of the scenes were padded, they didn’t last long. After hours of building relationships in a titillating atmosphere, they were enough for me to bust a nut. My only gripe is that the sexual content takes some serious effort to unlock, as in several playthroughs.


Galaxy Girls does a lot of things well. What sucks about it, is the music, lack of drama, and overt difficulty to unlock sex scenes. Other than that, it’s an enjoyable little game. For fans of Dharker Studios’ works, this title will bring satisfaction. Download Galaxy Girls now!

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