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Lesbian Visual Novel Review: Nurse Love Addiction

by notTowfu

Written by jin0uga, edited by Otaku Apologist

Nurse Love Addiction, a yuri visual novel developed by Kogado Studio and published by Degica. Released on July 8, 2016. Download on Steam for $39.00. For PC Windows. No pornographic content. Full voice acting.

Follow the girls as they journey to become proper nurse. With romance in the air, an unresolved past, they will have their hands full as they navigate their perilous routes to find their happy ending.

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You follow Asuka Osachi, a ditzy and aimless girl, who has just entered Teito Nursing School. Unlike most nurses, Asuka does not have a calling for wanting to become a nurse. She makes her career decision upon discovering a children’s book where she once wrote a promise to become a nurse. Accompanied by her little sister, Nao, they move into school dorms and begin their new lives.

During their first day at school, Asuka is dazzled by their homeroom teacher, Kaede Ohara. She wears a real nurse’s uniform along with her professional demeanour. After her orientation has concluded, Asuka accidentally encounters two gorgeous girls while looking for a bathroom. They are Sakuya Takeda, the heiress of a rich family, and Itsuki Amato, her childhood friend and lover. Surrounded by these attractive girls, Asuka has more to contend with than just her studies.

I went in fully anticipating a well-written romance, but came out disappointed. As Asuka, you can pursue each of the five girls in their individual routes, and they play a part in revealing parts of the main plot. The characters are endearing and adorable, their interactions are what makes the game fun and exciting. Unfortunately, they play second fiddle to the overarching storyline.

The buildup to the climax of each romance is superb. When Asuka pursued Kaede-sensei, their gradually deepening relationship was a delight to read about. It was full of sexual tension, but once they got together as girlfriends, the sexual aspects of their relationship weren’t explored! You get minor allusions to their daily activities, such as mentions of Asuka spending most of her time at Kaede’s house doing God knows what. In place of steamy hentai, you get needless drama.

To makes things worse, the good endings to each route aren’t satisfying. The bad endings have multiple flavours of insanity, ranging from cannibalism to cheating. The good endings are supposed to balance out the darkness, which they didn’t. I was left disappointed by the lack of closure. The writing is good, but the plot is convoluted.


Asuka is the protagonist. She’s airheaded and a little flaky. She keeps getting into many embarrassing situations.

Nao is Asuka’s younger sister. She’s reliable and steadfast, a stark contrast to Asuka. She worries about her older sister, even going as far as to accompany her to the same nursing school.

Kaede is a teacher at the nursing school. She comes from an elite family of medical professionals, and seems every part reliable and amazing. However, she might not be the idol everyone thinks she is.

Sakuya is a fierce rich girl with a sharp tongue. She’s a mean little shit, but she has a softer side.

Itsuki is a beauty with glasses. She is purposefully mysterious, and enjoys toying with Asuka. She and Sakuya are lovers.


Nurse Love Addiction has a Japanese art style. The game’s aesthetic is distinctly cutesy and feminine. Characters are slender, with large expressive eyes and soft, fluffy hair. The characters wear a good variety of outfits from nurse uniforms to casual clothes. When winter comes, they begin wearing heavier, warmer outfits.

Character sprites and CGs are drawn in the same style, and the transition between them is seamless. The consistency and detail definitely makes the game more immersive. You’re never pulled out of the scene due to shoddy artwork or strange body proportions. The game also uses a beautiful pastel palette with gentle, warm colours that are easy on the eyes.


Nurse Love Addiction is a visual novel. Clicking the textbox ‘turns’ the page and advances the story. It has basic visual novel functionality and a lovely user interface. The font is large and easy on the eyes.

I like the various quality of life additions, such as the ability to skip to the next branching choice. The choices you make aren’t just for kicks. Most of them have a noticeable impact on the plot.

Other than the main story, there are four character routes to choose from: Nao, Sakuya, Itsuki and Kaede. Depending on your choices, you will discover new insights and revelations. Your choices also affect your ending. It is recommended to save before you make a choice since you’ll never know which will trap you in a bad ending.


The game is fully voice acted. Each voice actor makes the dialogue shine. Especially Asuka’s character is very expressive, and the voice actor showcases a wide spectrum of emotion. The delivery of lines is on point. Each girl’s personality comes through effortlessly.

There’s an impressive amount of sound effects. In the mornings you hear a blaring alarm clock which Asuka sleeps through. When she races down the hallway, you’re treated with a humorous sound clip of tapping shoes. In one scene, you hear soft plucking sounds when Nao gets rid of Asuka’s white hair. The audio design was very immersive.


The opening menu features a calming piano tune that hits all the right feels. The song sounds nostalgic and a little bittersweet, which ties in with the main character’s feelings of aimlessness. It’s short, but sets a perfect mellow atmosphere.

Majority of the music comprises of piano. In many songs, it’s the main instrument, sometimes the only instrument. The game’s title song is complimented by guitars, drums and singing. Like the song from the opening menu, it creates a mellow atmosphere.


There is no hentai content. There are sparse kissing scenes throughout the visual novel, and a couple of CGs that might get your dick hard. You’ll have to use your dirty imagination plenty if you want to get off.


Nurse Love Addiction was a great experience with a few hiccups. The best parts about it were cute girls openly flirting with each other, lesbian kisses, and a passable story. The romance plots did not receive enough attention, and the lack of good porn was glaring. If you’re looking for a solid lesbian visual novel with good romance, there are other games I would rather recommend, like A Kiss for the Petals.

You can download Nurse Love Addiction on Steam. Remember to also check out Oppai Cafe.

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