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Shoot Bubbly Loads – Bubble Date Mania Released on Nutaku

by OtakuApologist

Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

12th of April 2018 — Developed and published by Superhippo and jackalope, “Bubble Date Mania” is the newest free-to-play title to grace Nutaku’s erotic game hosting site. You can now play it here completely for free with the option to use Nutaku Gold (real world money) to purchase special items like power-ups, and items.

This time around, Superhippo managed to do the seemingly impossible and cram more than 3 different game modes into one tiny cash-making package. “Bubble Date Mania” takes the best out of arcade classics such as “Bubble Bobble” and combines them with dating simulator gameplay and crafty management elements.

Welcome to Beach City, the most beautiful coast side town on this side of the globe!
Take hot girls to their dream dates in this entertaining and addictive Bubble Popping Puzzle game!
Upgrade your room from a mattress on the floor to a stunning playboy apartment!
Prove that you are the number one stallion and seduce them all in Bubble Date Mania

You are the “number one stallion in town”. Your job is to complete orb-slinging color-matching puzzles, and unlock sets of lewd pics of the girl you’re dating. The puzzle levels will vary and sometimes you will have a limited number of moves and balls to use. All of your trophies in the form of images are put in a handy gallery. When you’re not throwing your balls at horny girls, you can decorate your own room using cash and experience you get by completing puzzles. Get all kinds of swagger and get bitches at an even faster rate.

Currently, “Bubble Data Mania” contains 5 initial chicks to score with, with new ones unlocking every month. There’s over 120 different challenging puzzle levels that will take an extensive amount of time to complete, and over 50 different sexy images.

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