Written by Otaku Apologist

I stumbled on to a new game by Hooligapps. While checking up on my fanbase at Hentai Foundry, I clicked a shoddy banner with 3D animated graphics that advertised “new sex game”. I found myself playing a browser game with pretty decent graphics. You investigate sexual crimes. My first case was to solve the murder of a woman.

We’re taking a quick look at this game. It’s pretty fucking clickbaity.

This woman was some random village bicycle who likes creampies. Somebody sliced her tits and stabbed her to death with scissors. The visualization of the damage on the woman’s body, thankfully wasn’t extreme. Those mild cuts would not have killed anybody, in my opinion.

The gameplay could get more complicated later on, as often happens with games. The gameplay of the first case however was very damn simple: I went to different locations, like the crime scene, and clicked on items to collect them. There was a bonus multiplier that increased the points I gained the faster I found all the items from the picture. Damn simple, like I said.

The first case had only two suspects: The husband, and the pregnant wife. The husband was cheating on his wife. Yeah, this wasn’t a complicated case at all.

The imagery and language are very in-your-face dirty. I know from having done marketing for sex games and sextoys over the years, that this style is very effective. It stimulates people who are in a lowered state of consciousness, struggling through their everyday life in a world of scarce resources – a person in this state is a regular consumer of porn, and a potential paying customer. This is the style that Hooligapps rolls with. I can’t criticize them for doing what pays out.

However, one could argue that the jokes thrown in this game are in very bad taste. This is sociopathic levels of disregard for human decency, that only makes you laugh if you’re in a very dark place in your mind.

If you’re interested in this game, just try this link, or google “Lust Case”, or visit the many free western hentai websites that promote Hooligapps games. If you are interested to read a full review of this game, along with tons of images and my usual edgy humor befitting of this style of content, share this article with friends and comment, so I’ll see a big click count indicating interest.

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