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A Magical High School Girl – Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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8.6.2018 — A Magical High School Girl, published by Sekai Project. An RPG developed by illuCallab. A Magical High School Girl is a roguelike RPG with a personal twist, as the magic takes the shape of your input. Based on the name you give each spell, various properties are applied to the magic, leading to an interesting mix of elements and an endless source of experimentation!

You play as Akari, a magical girl lost in a magical world full of monsters. With each step, each turn, the monsters come closer, meaning you must find a strategy to best take on these vile magical beasts. Throughout this world, a large assortment of comical situations, adorable characters and vicious battles awaits you.

Designed by Japanese indie developer illuCallab, A Magical High School girl harkens back to a familiar genre for many RPG fans, and is a treat for experienced players as well as newcomers.

A Magical High School Girl is now available for the Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Can you survive the bullet hell boss battles? Can Erina turn back to being a bunny?! With over 40 boss battles, over 50 upgrades to your moveset and secret game modes.

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