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MangaGamer Releases New Alicesoft Adult RPG Evenicle

by OtakuApologist

June 28th, 2018–MangaGamer Releases New Adult RPG Franchise from Alicesoft!

What would you do to earn the right to be with two hot twins? How far would you go to lay with the sexiest twins you ever knew? Would you become a heroic Knight and save the world for their love?!

Featuring artwork by Yaegashi Nan of Senran Kagura fame, Evenicle, the newest adult RPG franchise from Alicesoft, contains a huge 3D world to explore, tons of monsters to face in battle (some of which can even be captured and wooed), a wide variety of skills to combine and exploit, and even advanced Megamonsters to prove your mettle against!
In a world where monogamy is ordained by the goddess, Mother Eve, those who would forsake her teachings or murder others lose her protection and become Outlaws, cursed with the inability to create or produce anything from their own efforts. But when a pair of twin sisters catch your fancy, there’s still one hope – become a powerful, heroic Knight and gain the exceptional right to marry more brides! Determined to score with both twins, Asterisk sets off to become great enough to marry many women! What adventures await him as he explores the world of Evenicle? What quests will he undertake for those he meets? Will he save the world? Create his harem? Possibly both?! 
This titillating 3D RPG, is available now, only on MangaGamer! Download Evenicle here.
When Mother Eve created the world, she gave humans two rules to follow.
One– any given person may only ever have one sexual partner, and two– killing another human being is forbidden.
All philanderers and murderers lose Mother Eve’s blessing, and such sinners are branded as Outlaws and shunned.
The strongest people may be permitted to become Knights, and are allowed to marry multiple partners, so as to better pass down their superior genes.
Asterisk, our hero, wants to marry his two beautiful twin sisters. His solution to this quandary?
“I’ll become a Knight and have lots of wives!”
Thus, one young man sets off on an adventure!
Developer: Alicesoft
Genre: RPG
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+
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