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Corruption Hentai RPG Review: Beach Mama and My Nuki Nuki Summer Vacation

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Beach Mama and My Nuki Nuki Summer Vacation, a hentai RPG developed by Ore Teki Shikou. Released July 22, 2016. Download on DLSite for 12.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

Nagisa-mama has finally fucked her stepson! But society is too judgmental, they need to escape to a land where dreams come true. So begins their erotic summer vacation!

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The magic of this island allows you to have one wish granted at the whims of a mysterious figure named Oyashiro-sama. This person promises to grant your wish after you find 13 romance points on the island. There are over 13 in total, don’t worry about missing a few. Once you have enough, you win the game and can view the ending.

Your journey begins at the northern port of the island. You’re given a map to help navigate where you want to go. At first the island feels huge and overwhelming, but by the end of the game, it feels like home.

I highly recommend talking to all the NPCs you can find. Some offer information and money making opportunities, others give you special items and abilities. You never know what they’ll say, so it’s always exciting to find a new area. For example, one NPC early on will tell you to head east for the supermarket. There you can find all sorts of fascinating items that foreshadow things to come later in the game.

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At the start of the game, Nagisa and her stepson are already in a relationship. If you want to view their origin story, you have to buy a house and go to sleep. Then, they reminisce together as a couple, and you can view their prologue. This is a great reward for buying a player home, and a great example of flashbacks done right.

At the start of the game, Nagisa’s lewdness is at level 0. By the end of the game, mine was 145 and still rising. Many scenes are locked behind lewdness thresholds. For example, the scene where Nagisa prostitutes herself and gets impregnated. This creates tons of buildup and anticipation. When the game begins, Nagisa is super vanilla. But over time she starts flashing men, giving handjobs, then blowjobs, eventually embracing her inner slut! If you love corruption, this is the perfect game for you.

While the open experience is great, the ending was a disappointment. The normal ending has Nagisa leaving the island and regretting it. The true ending requires replaying the game once again. That’s stupid! I got 100% completion in my first playthrough, I should get the true ending by default! Besides that, this game was wonderful.


Nuki Nuki Summer Vacation was created in RPG Maker VX Ace. Move with the arrow keys. Press Shift to skip text. There is no text log or hiding text boxes.

This game does not use level-ups or skill points. Instead, the focus is on stat boosting items. Go to the south-east side of the map for the stat-boosting shop. There, you can purchase ATK-ups, DEF-ups, and so much more. Customize your characters!

Rather than receive sexual harassment in battle, this game allows you to dish it out instead! Raise your “Erotic Power” stat to increase the damage of your harassments. From fingering to handjobs and so much more, you can force your enemies into lewd situations and make them completely exhausted! Naturally, most moves are gender specific. Guys don’t want to be fingered, and girls don’t have a use for onaholes.

Considering you can only level up via stat boosters, you probably think the game is extra grindy, but that’s the opposite of true. In fact, I completely ignored combat until the final hour of the game. To purchase those stat boosts, you should go play some minigames!

The mathematics game is the easiest, but pays the least. Next is poker, but I don’t know how to play that. There are slot machines, but they can be pretty random. Lastly, there’s a running game where you try to pick up 10-20 items from a room without getting touched by another NPC. It’s not “Mario Party”, but these games offer a good sense of variety to kill time in between prostitution.

Nagisa can sell her panties and urine to certain men around the island. In the casino, she can flash men or masturbate in front of them for pay. And of course, players can sidestep battles entirely via an auto-kill system. Simply raise your character stats high enough and you can skip battles to automatically kill enemies and make some quick money. There’s lots to do if you’re smart about it.

There’s a wide variety of quality of life features to enjoy. For example, players can rename the members of their party. Once you visit a new location, you’ll be able to teleport there whenever you want via chicken feathers. Skills are learned at the dojo only when you defeat the teacher in battle, which works as good milestones for strength. And best of all, abilities have a cooldown during battle, preventing you from spamming and breezing through the game.

Just like NPC dialogue always has something new to offer, so too does exploring the world. I haven’t even talked about the photo hut or other miscellaneous areas of the game! My favorite moment of the entire experience was having unprotected sex and assuming it would be okay. It wasn’t! Nagisa got knocked up and I had to find a doctor to deliver the child!


There are 40 base illustrations with upwards of 1500 art assets in total. This is largely due to cut-in images and scene variations depending on pregnancy status and Nagisa’s tan.

The art style is iconic to this developer and their past history as a doujin writer. The outlines are faded rather than bold, and the bodies are soft and smooth. Due to the focus on “summer vacation”, multiple artworks feature sweat marks and go a bit overboard with the moisture. How is Nagisa’s hair producing sweat?

The options menu allows you to disable standing artworks and birthing scenes if those distract you. I did not, because I find them both to be incredibly hot. I’d love to see Nagisa in more outfits than simply the handful we got in this game, but it seems the artist prefers the naked female form above any coverings. I don’t blame him! Nagisa is a babe!

A world map is given at the start of the game. After leaving the port you can navigate it and find all sorts of interesting places. Since the game is open world from the start, it encourages exploration, for better or worse! To be specific, it’s possible to wander into a dungeon too difficult for your character and get one-shot. Some would call this a major flaw, but losing in battle just makes you respawn, it’s not that bad. For me, it was motivation to get stronger and return to these dungeons later on.


Nuki Nuki Summer Vacation has no voice acting.

Moaning sound effects are added to the sex scenes but they are not unique to this game. The sex sound effects are super realistic and hot, perfectly conjuring the image of vaginal sex. When navigating the user interface, light but low-pitched chimes play to indicate your choices. Altogether, the developer chose to minimize the use of stock assets in this game and it shows. The sound design is professional, unique, and fitting to the relaxed theming of the game.


There are 29 music tracks in total. However, many of them are atmospheric tracks with crickets or wind creating a feeling of nature and earth. Even when instruments are used, they’re usually flutes and light string instruments, which create a natural feeling of movement and energy. One track even uses a whistle, one of the oldest instruments in existence!


There are around 30 scenes, though many have multiple sex positions and change CGs throughout. Outside of birthing and urination, no scenes repeat.

As an open world game, you can choose how to play it. You can focus on accumulating corruption points or love points. You can make money without prostitution and stay loyal to your lover. Or, you can play it like I did, trying to fuck everything in sight. Choose your destiny!

Sex stats are available in the pause menu which track Nagisa’s experiences. Nagisa can get impregnated via sexual encounters or losing in battle. These babies are held in the nursery at the north side of the map. If Nagisa cheats often enough, she’ll gain a hidden document listing out the fathers of all her babies. This is peak slut behavior, giving this game a super hot NTR vibe.

Sex positions range from cowgirl to missionary. Some scenes involve cock milking as Nagisa dominates her stepson. The erotic dialogue can be hit or miss, especially because Nagisa’s sluttiness can make the scenes less suspenseful.


Nuki Nuki Summer Vacation is a truly unique adult title. The graphics are gorgeous, the writing is engaging, and the gameplay is always surprising. It felt like a second life, where anything could happen. I wish this game could go on for a lifetime, but like all summer vacations, all good things must come to an end. After four hours of sweet, sweet fapping!

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