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Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

“Throne of Legends” is a browser-based card game where you battle for control of the Throne of Legends. Each hand will bring you closer to the throne, or push you further away. Careful planning is vital in this fast-paced collectible card game. With your carefully built deck, you’ll be able to summon creatures to do your bidding, affect your opponent’s deck with a multitude of fearsome spells, and command various babes in combat. And with enough victories under your belt… to the victor go the spoils. The title is now available for Android mobile devices on Nutaku’s storefront.

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Similar to games such as “Hearthstone” and “Gwent”, you’ll have a plethora of sexy cards to collect, each with their own unique abilities and powers that you can utilize in game to help bring you closer to victory. The thing is, not only are the cards super sexy, but every time you win, you unlock an uncensored sex scene with some of the boobacious maidens in your deck.

About Throne Of Legends

Prepare your deck and get ready for Throne of Legends! The hot, first-of-its-kind strategy card game where winners cum first. Start a free game and play your cards right to summon hot babes, make them fight for you, and dominate your opponents

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Key Game Features

Story-Based and Multiplayer Collectible Card Game where you collect over 100 cards to power your deck and defeat opponents. Upgrade them to unleash their full strength. Unlock gorgeous handcrafted sex scenes for all the best cards and heroines.

If you want to play a much better card game than this, I recommend Cunt Wars. Slap the banner to start playing.