2236 AD is an adult visual novel developed by Chloro, published by Denpasoft. Released September 21, 2018. Available for PC Windows and Mac. Available for download on Nutaku for $14.99.

About 2236 AD

Humanity now communicates mainly via telepathic abilities after an unknown disaster fell upon the world. Most of humanity’s history has been lost, and society was rebuilt based on the only remaining records of that time, called the Akashic Phones.
When Yotsuba meets a mysterious girl who cannot communicate via telepathy, that’s when everything changes.
He finds a mysterious object in the snow, a screwdriver… He traces its origin to a nearby abandoned manor. Inside, he finds something…
What is this thing that will unravel his whole world?
The thing that humanity has denied.
The thing that memory has forgotten.

Key Game Features

• Solve elaborate and cryptic puzzles
• Play through multiple routes
• Unlock special scenes and alternate endings after your first playthrough
• Windows and Mac