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“How to PUA (space)” Dating Sim Now Available

by OtakuApologist

How to PUA (space) is a hentai dating sim developed by HTSS Games. Released September 19, 2018. Available for PC Windows. Available for download on Nutaku for the balless price of $3.99.

A dating-sim that augments your real life dating skills! Become the commander of a small science vessel (including a perverted AI), and meet the girls aboard your ship.

About How to PUA (Space)

Welcome, welcome, to How to PUA – Space.

Now, I believe there are some burning question I need to answer:
1. What the duck is this?
Well, an Adult Anime Visual Novel/Space Exploration (Gal-)Game, that allows you to date the different girls aboard the NSFW Cauldron, your dedicated research vessel, while improving your IRL dating skill while β€œjust” playing the game πŸ™‚

2. Why the duck is this not free-to-play?
Yes, I know. Some of the most awesome games here are F2P. Alas, I shyed no cost to give out top notch (that may not be entirely true, but it is pretty awesome) animations to make a succesful dating streak exactly that – succesful. Also, you will have a choice at the start of the game, wether you want to improve your real life social skills just by playing the game… Intrigued?
Oh, and also, there are no hidden fees or in-app purchases. You get everything with just the price of 1-27 coffees (depending strongly on where you live πŸ˜€ )

3. Wait, this game trains my Social Skills?
Yes and no, to be honest. I have to disclaim that all of this material is purely entertaining and has no educational value. That being said, you will get direct feedback on your choices in the game and why they would make you more attractive (or hinder you being attractive) in the eyes of the girls. If you want to take it one level further, I also enabled the option to use subconcious training in there, allowing you to be more confident in yourself whenever you carry yourself around other people. Techniques from earlier days of the CIA landed in there, as well as quite a vast amount of NLP knowledge and quite much more. All only if you want, of course.

4. Is this like any other adult dating sims out there?
Yes, kinda; I drew inspiration mostly from Hunie Pop and Mirror. Hunie Pop’s Match 3 System is obviously incredible and unmatchable, as is Mirror’s low-key level of Animation. But while playing this game, you should feel ample similarities to both games.

Key Game Features

β€’ Fully Animated Sex Scenes
β€’ Subconscious RL Dating skill improvement
β€’ Space Exploration with LAZORS!!!
β€’ 3 cute and (partially) sweet girls to date – and a low-key perverted ship AI
β€’ A Tsundere in consensual bondage
β€’ A not too unique Match-3 System
β€’ No DRM

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