Written by Otaku Apologist

Advancing leagues in Cunt Wars is hardcore. In this competitive free to play hentai card game, you’re pitted against ladder climbers of the most ruthless caliber. Nobody wants to play fair in a game where you can buy power. Everybody plays disgusting broken combos to overpower their opponents.

It can seem like an overwhelming task to get up in leagues in this game. However, the game is designed with the RPG ladder progression curve in mind: When you enter a new area, everyone is beating your ass. You feel like a total loser. You grind some victories using whatever means necessary. Eventually you start gaining a foothold again, as the loot and your experience accumulate. In the case of Cunt Wars, you abuse boosters to scale the curve.

Cunt Wars was developed by Hooligapps. You can play on your Android phone or play on your computer. This is my favorite hentai game of 2018. Read our official review of Cunt Wars.

About League Rewards

You want to reach higher leagues, because it permanently boosts your rate of progress. You unlock features that let you gain more free cards from daily play. Here’s what you gain from a higher league:

– Your victory chests start giving out more cards

– You unlock new bosses in the story mode

– You unlock new previously inaccessible cards

– You get bonus rare card rewards when the season concludes

After boosting yourself into a league, you’re not far from stabilizing yourself in that league. Your milestone goal is always to break into a new higher league to unlock the permanent boosts to your progression.

Cunt Wars has three ways to gain temporary power buffs: Guild bonuses, gold dust, and events.

About Guilds

There’s a general chat in game where you can ask guilds to recruit you. You can also create your own guild, invite people in your friends list, or recruit through the general chat. Access the chat in the lower end of the screen.

As part of a guild, you can participate in a mini-game called “turf war”. The victory coins you gain from conquering provinces in turf war are currency. You can spend this currency to buy temporary bonuses.

This article won’t delve into the mechanics of Turf War. All you need to know is that every time you log in to the game, you should check up on your guild, and remember to send troops to conquer provinces.

From multiple rounds of turf war, I had tons of victory coins stored up. I spent them to activate several simultaneous guild bonuses for 24 hours. I increased the damage of my ranged heroes, increased the health of my melee heroes, and increased the health of my chaos heroes.

About Gold Dust

I combined the guild boosts with “gold dust boost”. Gold dust is another alternative currency you gain from four sources: daily quests, victory chests from ladder games, buying card packs, and sacrificing cards.

Yes, you can gain gold dust by “sacrificing cards” in the deck tab. Simply click a card and click “sacrifice”. Only excess duplicates of the card will be sacrificed. The card won’t lose levels.

There doesn’t seem to be a cap to how many times you can activate the “gold dust boost”. The cost of subsequent boosting simply skyrockets the cost. The boosts only last 24 hours in most cases.

About Events

I also had a chaos-specific event going on that increased the damage of my chaos minions by four points. My deck has four chaos heroes, and they are my highest damage dealers.

The in-game events are completely random and often only last 24 hours. There’s many different kinds of events that temporarily boost unit stats. If you time your boosting during an especially beneficial event, you can gain a massive competitive edge to players in your current league.

All these boosts combined upped my power level from 4875, to maybe 5200. The game doesn’t adjust my displayed power level while my cards are in a boosted state, so I can only estimate my number.

Here’s how powerful my deck looked on the battlefield with all these boosts combined. Included are screenshots from months back when I was only getting started with this game.

You can play Cunt Wars in your PC internet browser, or your Android phone. It’s one of the best western hentai games ever made, with actual gameplay. It’s the best, even when it’s sometimes bugging like a motherfucker. Start playing for free.