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Netorare Hentai Strategy Game: Leane of Legitimate Crown

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Leane of Legitimate Crown, a cuckolding strategy game developed by Makura Cover Soft. Released February 28, 2017. Download on DLsite for $24.00. For PC Windows. Partial voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English patch.

You are the skilled military strategist Ares. After a dramatic betrayal and life as a fugitive, you find the legitimate successor to the royal crown! Fight hard, conquer the world and keep your waifu safe or she’ll be stolen from you.

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There are three routes to choose from. Will you join the nation of soldiers, mages, or priests? The title character Leane is from the nation of soldiers, but all routes are equally fun and well written.

The story is split into three parts. A prologue establishes the world and wars you need to know about. Second, you choose your route and help that faction take control. Third, the king is placed into power and you serve him as commander in chief.

The plot draws inspiration from Lord of the Rings. If you love stories of high drama and deep lore, this game will be a joyride. There aren’t many story-choices in the game. The writer focused on building things up to dramatic moments.

While the beginning of the game is heavy on story and character development, the late-game experience is almost fully combat. It honestly felt like two different writers crafted the narrative. One writer created a realistic medieval drama, while the other writer created a bunch of cuckolding content for late-game.

The early game features one of the best stories I’ve read in a hentai game, but the tension disappears in the late-game. The game includes a loyalty system that changes dialogue when you speak to characters on the world map. The system is bare bones, and the dialogue is super generic. No matter what dramatic events take place, dialogue is always the same.

A core reason why the late-game sucks is that the focus shifts from character development to world events. A civil war in Aura, an invasion force comes from Hippia. You must protect the virginity of all your girls throughout these wars, or the king will make them concubines! The story starts to feel very stressful, and it’s not paced well.

If you’re looking for story, play the game until you crown the legitimate heir. There’s exciting battles where your opponents can have ten times your troop count. There’s also funny dialogue, and cute romance moments where girls are hiding their feelings for you.

With 14 endings in total, you can be a cuckold or a hero. I sincerely hope you find the ending you’re looking for, because their quality varies dramatically. In one ending, your wife is pregnant with another man’s child and you’re forced to raise it! In another ending, Ares reflects on how all civilizations are doomed to collapse due to the impure hearts of the politicians who exploit the citizenry.


Leane of Legitimate Crown is a complex strategy game. There’s a game manual available in the pause menu. Use the mouse to navigate the game. Press CTRL to skip dialogue. The backlog and other functions are accessed via on-screen icons.

There are 60 commanders in total, 13 of which are female. Each commander levels up indepedently from the other, and can be lost if their loyalty falls too low. On the flip side, you can capture other commanders as well. This encourages experimenting with party compositions rather than sticking to a singular playstyle.

The game options allow you to customize the sound, display, and difficulty of the game. The difficulty level mostly affects level grinding, with barely any noticeable influence on faction AI.

The game manual will explain more than I ever could. Activities range from upgrading settlements, to sending out troops for sabotage quests, and even managing the king’s royal harem! I highly recommend you study the manual, or you’re likely to get stuck.

Your army is split under the command of various generals. Only one general can fight at a time, and they can only use one troop type. This means you can never combine archers with mages. Also, you cannot reorder troops, and must send them individually. Simply put, the combat has some flaws that limit your creativity.

Each general has unique skills that are gained through battle inspiration. You’ll be on the verge of death many a times, and suddenly, your character learns a new ability and sweeps the battle with a super powerful attack! What a thrill!

After completing one of the three routes, you gain the ability to skip past it during future playthroughs. This was an awesome feature because the cuckolding content only happens at the end of a story route. If you want to get straight into sexy time, then skip ahead!

Regardless of the numerous gameplay features available, the pacing is atrocious. You’ll play for around four hours before gaining control of your army. And it will likely be another four hours until you unlock sexual content. Play this game if you have the time, but beware that a standard playthrough is a minimum of 15 hours, and likely much more.


The art is Japanese anime style with soft and smooth outlines for every character. Lighting and shadows are often used to convey a realistic perspective of the scenes you’re viewing. The artist is incredibly talented and unafraid of shifting perspectives from side-view to frontal, all with consistent body proportions and positioning.

Each girl has a standard outfit, concubine outfit, and Hippian sex slave outfit. They mostly wear their standard outfit.

There are over 130 special and magic attacks, all animated to convey the impact and action of your choices. For example, the slingshot attack shows metal balls flying across the screen at your opponent.

The sheer volume of hand-drawn illustrations is absolutely astounding. Even more impressive is the user interface and world map. Honestly, there’s not a single stock asset to be found. Any complaints would be nitpicking, because this game is a feast of visuals.

There are about 160 scenes in total, though some reuse artworks. Sadly, all fullscreen CGs are sexual in nature. All slice of life character moments are handled via visual novel sequences that make the girls appear a different height than in sex scenes.


Leane of Legitimate Crown features partial voice acting. Of thirteen female commanders, nine are voiced. No male characters are voiced. And of the nine voiced characters, not all dialogue is voiced.

There are over 5000 voice clips in total. Each girl has a different actress, tone, and pitch. While Marion is a tsundere who often speaks coarsely, Cynthia is a merciful and kindhearted priest girl with an angelic voice.

With such an enormous plotline, the actresses have many opportunities to demonstrate their versatility. Still, if you’re looking for classic lines of damsels in distress shouting cries of help, this game will leave you satisfied.

The downside is that you may quickly tire of some of the voices. Some girls have similar voices to one another, and it can get tedious hearing the same high-pitched squealing every other sentence.

Sound effects in-game are mostly focused on the battles and combat. From lightning magic to explosive bombs, every character’s loadout is complimented with audio tracks to emphasize their actions. Sex scenes offer a range of thrusting a sucking sounds that are realistic without going overboard. Altogether the sound design is damn good, it just needed some male voices to shake things up a little.


There are at least 15 unique tracks in-game. Most tracks loop after a minute and are pretty basic and predictable. Drums and horns make up a classical track that feels medieval, while harps and aerophones are used to create a nice atmospheric vibe. None of the tracks are particularly memorable.

All songs fit the scenes and dialogue, using a good variety of instruments, but that doesn’t change how often they loop and how predictable the rhythm gets. As a strategy game, the main focus is on planning, so it’s only natural that most tracks blend into the background. I wish story moments had more stand out tracks.


There are about 160 scenes in total. This is because each of the nine voiced females has 8-16 unique scenes. You also accidentally see them nude. This game requires eight hours of play before you ever access a sex scene. Even then, scenes are found by losing your waifu to the king or a rival nation. This is a military strategy game first, a hentai game second.

Netorare content is completely unavoidable. Some fans will say it can be avoided, but that isn’t true. The moment you unlock the king’s harem, you’ll be forced to view a scene of him having sex with your party member. Still, there’s no guarantee he’ll fuck your favorite waifu, so you can still save her if you like.

There are 70 base CGs. Counting their many variations, there are over 1000 art assets in total. From doggystyle to missionary, you can hear your waifu moan and orgasm all over another man’s cock. If you continue to allow it, she’ll even get pregnant! But beware, you’ll miss out on scenes with the king if your waifu is pregnant. The king only fucks virgins!

Sex stats are tracked for each girl individually. Sex scenes always affect gameplay. The girls will talk and behave differently after they’ve been violated repeatedly. Often times they seem melancholic about their fate, pulling on your heart strings.


Leane Legitimate Crown is one of the most famous NTR games on the market. From the visuals to the gameplay, everything is a unique creation of the developer without any use of stock assets. If you love busty anime waifus submitting to a man’s cock, this game is the ultimate experience. Strategy games like this deserve more love, just like your unsatisfied wife!

Download Leane Legitimate Crown. If you loved this game but want a more casual strategy game, check out Tactics Elemental.

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Bob February 28, 2021 - 21:00

Good guide. First time seeing hentai games getting serious reviews lol

Elijah March 26, 2021 - 14:03

The ntr scene IS avoidable, it’s just very difficult. You need loyalty to be at 100%, then you’ll be given a dialogue choice when you enter diamond city, if you choose the right one the Emperor will be scene with a generic girl instead.


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