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Funbag Fantasy is Male Wish Fulfillment

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story received an official English localization on March 29, 2018. A hentai visual novel developed by Waffle, published by MangaGamer, this high-budget porn game has been on my radar for a while. Having used porn for masturbation purposes ever since my family got internet in the 90s, I’ve developed my tastes towards the extreme. I have much lower expectations for real-life sex, but from my porn, I expect the highest quality erotic experience. This game is a modern Japanese hentai classic, a sequel to Funbag Fantasy.

Just like 90% of pornographic media, the protagonist of this story is the average male. Lute Hende is like Homer Simpson with his apathetic antics; He tumbles down the stairs, he doesn’t command respect with his presence, he’s kind of dumb and weak-willed. He’s not masculine except for his inhuman sexual appetite. And because of his stamina in bed, he’s gathered a harem of gorgeous high-status women around himself. Despite all of his flaws that would make him low-status in the eyes of women, his virility commands their respect.

I forgot to mention, this beta piece of shit is the king of his own goddamned nation.

The story is tongue-and-cheek, to say the least. The writers crafted an entire medieval fantasy world with multiple nations inspired by European monarchies. It’s not a half-assed porn plot, with barely defined characters and cultures. In fact, the plot is very serious: After gaining his position of power as king of Edelland, the neighboring countries start plotting to overthrow him. Nobody respects him. They all speak shit about him behind his back. Regents and nobles everywhere think he’s dumb worthless trash.

Upon starting the game, I was treated to a lengthy narration of the previous game’s events. I never played the original Funbag Fantasy, so the catch-up was good. The male narrator explained Lute’s meteoric rise to power with a melodramatic voice. The narrator characterized the nations, and the previous game’s plot that included dramatic geopolitics and political assassinations. Japanese fiction writers have always surprised me for being able to treat their absurd story premises with steeled seriousness.

The game took about 40 minutes before treating me to the first sex scene. I didn’t rush my reading, I wanted to catch all the little tidbits of information to start prepping my official review of this game. While patiently waiting for the sex scenes to start, I marveled at the gorgeous background art, and the character artwork.

This game has a large cast of characters. It’s a high-budget game with top of the line art, music, and voice acting. Each heroine has a unique ultra feminine voice that just makes your dick melt into a cone of pudding. However, I have to critique the choice of Shamsiel’s voice. While definitely sexy, she sounds a little too young for a mature, big-breasted immortal daemon. She acts and talks like a clingy, needy, spoiled little sister, rather than a grown woman… Now that I think about it, that cannot be a coincidence.

After establishing the villains, most of them monarchs of neighboring countries, the game proceeds to the first sex scene. Lute is woken up by kisses from his wife, Gladys, and his prime minister. The mood is warm and loving, the pussies are oozing for a tumble between the sheets. Before either girl can jump on his dick, Shamsiel swoops in the room and tackle hugs him. Now that I think about it, this girl more than reminds me of a fangirl who masturbated with me online back in 2016.

Shamsiel is a red-haired succubus, she’s the unofficial mascot for this series. She quickly unwraps his huge boobs and proceeds to cut down the king’s raging morning wood with a relentless tittyfuck. Lute cums like five times during the scene. He cums several times on her boobs and mouth, and then jumps on top of her, for a hard pussy-pounding in missionary. He somehow still has a fat load in his balls that he unloads inside Shamsiel.

After she’s milked the last drop of semen from Lute’s dick, Shamsiel and the girls dress up their king. They wiggle their titties at him, each of them demanding to get groped. As if the scenario isn’t absurdly erotic already, more big-breasted princesses join the harem in the room. They are joining the day’s special event. The event is a lottery, where one girl receives the privilege to be a “breast milk maid”. The king wants to chug down his breakfast drinking a woman’s breast milk. The day’s winner is Roxanne (the babe above).

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story is available for download on MangaGamer’s store for $44.95.

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