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Negligee Love Stories: Sophie Has Public Sex

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

I continue my playthrough of Negligee: Love Stories, a hentai visual novel made by Dharker Studios. This game was released in September 15, 2018. It’s full of sexy girls without future prospects going out of control.

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Sophie is a sassy college girl that fantasizes about public sex. She gets a chance to live out those fantasies on the train, and the class room. She ends up having sex with her teacher and her class mate on the same day, never mind the consequences. Who would dare judge her lifestyle? That’s hate speech, it’s a crime.

You play from Sophie’s point of view in this story. Every time you are groped, and the opportunity arises to spread your legs to a stranger, the game prompts you with a choice. I have no clue why you’d play a porn game and say “no” to sex, but the consent adds a layer of delightfully erotic psychology to the experience.

Sophie is like a poster girl for female empowerement: No self-restraint, no personal responsibility, no long-term plans for the future, no patriarch at home oppressing her sexual self-expression. Considering Sophie’s uncalculated risk-taking throughout her storyline, she’s likely to get pregnant with somebody’s child soon.

As sexy and cute as Sophie looks right now, she indicates no plans to ever marry a good husband, because high-quality guys can smell a village bicycle from a mile away. Smart guys don’t make a hoe into a housewife. No woman with the impulse control of a rabbit in heat makes for a solid investment for the next 30 years as you raise those toddlers to maturity. This type of girl gets pumped and dumped like a one-use rubber pussy.

Sadly, I’ve met enough women like Sophie that my appetite for women has taken a hit. As much fun as I had jacking it to Sophie’s storyline, the realism of the scenario was depressing. Girls like this are pretty while they’re young, but their out-of-control lifestyle eventually backfires on them. They become old, fat, emotionally damaged wrecks with an STD or two. And then they become feminists.

Negligee: Love Stories is a prologue to the visual novel Negligee. The game is available for download on Nutaku’s digital store. Buy yourself a copy and you support our comics, our games, and our game reviews.

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