Written by Otaku Apologist

Imagine you went to the bank asking for a $50 000 loan to build a business with zero experience. You would not get that loan. Even if you somehow slept your way into that loan, your company would go bankrupt in two years, because you’re not experienced enough yet to make good decisions.

The tuition fees for schools in United States especially have soared. Higher education is no longer worth it. A combination of online courses and community college is a more affordable, less risky investment.

Personally, I studied creative writing through online university between 2010 and 2013. I paid barely $100 per course. started blogging hentai in 2014. I have no debt, I have savings, I run this website and make somewhere between $2000 and $2500 a month. Over the years I employed tons of poor people in the business, including young Americans with student debt. Every pointer in this article is reality and happened to someone I know.

01. Student loan is a gamble that ignores risks. Imagine that you suddenly break your arm. You cannot work, your employer fires you. You’re still paying for rent and food, and your debtors keep demanding interest payments each month. The economy implodes because we hit a crisis point in the global debt cycle. There are no jobs for anybody. Your girlfriend leaves you, your friends leave you. You develop depression, and doctors prescribe you drugs the side-effects of which are suicidal thoughts. While you struggle to find work, your debt defaults. You can no longer apply for a mortgage, you can’t buy a car, your credit rating is fucked.

02. Top colleges / universities spend ~50% of tuition fees on marketing. The education business in America is a racket. You are not buying top education, you are paying the business expenses of a privately owned profit-oriented company that panders to your naive dreams. Your degree can be a nice-sounding worthless piece of paper that won’t make any company prioritize you on their hiring list.

03. School is boring non-paying work. Studying is an investment that yields very slowly, and feels like absolute shit. Many students simply drop out. In order to make education worth it, you also need a part-time job, to build up practical skills and marks on your resume. Many students struggle to stay on pace with their studies. Your social skills will erode, your self-esteem will be shit.

04. Studying is a long-term investment for impatient people. Why do you want an education? Because you believe it will fast-track your career, so you’ll be hired by Disney, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, or a Rotschild bank who literally own your money. If you have the patience to read books for 4+ straight years of soul-crushing misery, why the fuck are you not playing the stock market? Why not become an online poker player? If you have the insane mental focus for mind-numbing indoors work, what the hell are you doing studying?

05. Education is already free. You can buy the same school books everyone uses from stores – just ask around which books people study. If you’re broke, and have no code of honor, just pirate the books online. There are plenty of inexpensive resources you can use! Many successful entrepreneurs did not finish degrees. Also, education is not something you become exempt from after graduating: Businesses are always learning.

06. Scam universities. I have employed several Americans who never finished their degrees, but still retained their $30000+ debt. They dropped out, after they figured out their school was a sham. Had they continued, the degree they were getting, would not have improved their standing in the job market, because the school’s image was based on deceptive marketing – an employer will check the school’s actual credentials. One of my guys went to a school that was later sued, and closed. The lawsuit destroyed the school, but not his debt.

07. You cannot start a business in debt. Debt is a needy bitch. You have to take whatever work you can get, from whatever abusive employer that accepts you. Your debt will grow interest over time, and you’re not shortening that loan unless you’re making way above minimum wage. If the economy sucks, you can get stuck in shitty jobs, banking nothing after your loan payments and living expenses. You cannot start your own small business when in debt, because it will take years before your shop pays up. In that time, your debt will default.

08. Why aren’t you hustling? If you live at home, or alone in a small apartment, your living expenses are low. You can easily take some risks. Start your own Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Deviant Art, and start complaining about bad movies. Some of the first online entrepreneurs did nothing but complain about stupid shit. Social media accounts cost zero dollars. Opening a Paypal account costs nothing. The paperwork costs barely anything. Most software you need for making music, art, stories, videos, etc. cost very little and can be pirated. You can also go to Fiverr.com, or similar online freelancing sites, to start swindling unsuspecting customers. It won’t be easy when you’re just starting up, but you’ll learn stuff quickly, when you have to.

09. Why not seek employment from a smaller company? Perhaps you get a lucky gig from a promising small business? Work hard and make them grow, suddenly you’re permanently employed! Many entrepreneurs don’t have fancy degrees. They are less likely to necessitate those papers from others. You have an easier time getting your foot in the door to an ambitious startup company. Working for a small business is a gamble, but a much better gamble than throwing tens of thousands of dollars into education. If the business gets into trouble,  you’ll walk out of it with money, and invaluable experience to start your own business.

10. Seriously, why aren’t you hustling? You can start with grey area work, taking small gigs and getting paid on Paypal. You won’t have to report your Paypal earnings to any government entities, until your yearly income exceeds $2500. Then you have to verify your Paypal. When money starts really flowing, you need a bank account. Income tax is virtually the only tax that applies to freelance work. You can start building a source of income in the comforts of your home, for no starting fee.

Why all-in on education, when you can invest into gambles that don’t risk financial suicide?