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Fallout 3 Classic Prostitution Adult Mod

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Fallout 3 is an action RPG made by Bethesda. Players explore the post-apocalypse Washington DC of the United States. The game was released in 2008 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

In the ten years since its release, fans of Fallout have crafted thousands of mods to the game that enhance everything from combat to dialogue options. Some perverted geeks have even created sex-filled adult mods for the enjoyment of the fans. Click to view the full mod list for Fallout 3.

The game has tons of erotic mods available, and one of the most popular of them is a prostitution mod developed by JoshNZ. Released on August 16, 2009, you can download this mod for PC Windows.

The mod begins by giving you a new quest named “The Sex Game”. Find an in-game prostitute to ask about it, and the quest will teach you how the mod works. There is no adult content until after you complete this tutorial quest! Once the quest is completed, the four prostitutes in the original game are now able to offer you sex!

You can enjoy the content from three different perspectives. You can be the “John” who pays for sex, or the “Hooker” who sells her body for money, or the “Pimp”. Yes, men can be hookers and women can be pimps.

As the John, you pay 120 caps for sex and watch some glorious animations! Afterwards, if you have high charisma, you can convince the hooker to follow you as a bodyguard!

As a hooker, you sell yourself to random people on the streets and increase your earnings with experience. You can affect the main story by having sex with the main characters! If you want the penthouse suite at Tenpenny towers, simply sleep with old man Tenpenny and he’ll give you the key!

As a pimp, you can recruit multiple NPC men and women to work for you. They get paid for sex and you get the money, but be sure to keep them alive! It’s a dangerous life being a hooker in the wasteland!

The mod includes over 50 animations with content ranging from lesbian strap-on fucks to masturbation with sextoys, classic vaginal sex, and more!

How to download the mod

Create a free account at the Nexus Mods forums. The procedure is very standard: Write a username, a new password, an email address, fill the CAPTCHA requirements and wait for the confirmation email. Verify your email. You have to turn off the adult content filter in your profile settings. You cannot do this on the forums, you have to click the ‘Nexus Mods’ link, and then go to your profile settings (yellow gear icon). Go to ‘content blocking’ and enable adult content. The above screenshots will help you at the process.

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