Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an action sandbox game made by Rockstar Studios. Players live the life of a Los Angeles gangster in the United States. The game was released in 2004 for Playstation 2, Xbox, and Windows PC.

The original release of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas included a sex simulator, unlocked after raising affection with an in-game girlfriend to 50% or higher. Controversy led to this content being removed from the game, but with this mod it is easily added back.

Download the sex mod here.

This mod re-enables content that already exists in the average download on GTA San Andreas. Depending on where you got your copy of the game, this particular mod link may not work. For example, the Steam edition of San Andreas is heavily patched and doesn’t mesh well with many mods.

The first girlfriend in the game can only be found after 15 missions or so. Even then, you must dress your character well and take her on dates to raise her affection. Eventually she will ask you to come inside for “hot coffee”, which initiates the sex scene. Press the buttons indicated on screen to establish a rhythm to your thrusting.

Supposedly, a successful sex scene will lead to a relationship boost, though this is unconfirmed. As the game is a sandbox title from 2004, there are only a handful of positions. From missionary to doggystyle, you can appreciate all the classics.

Remember to back up your game data and save files before installing. Installing this mod is very simple. Replace the original main.scm and script.img files in your game folder, with the versions included in Hot Coffee mod. You will need to start a new game to avoid bugs and fully activate the effects. Old saves are incompatible with your newly modded game. I recommend you find a cheat engine if you want to unlock the girlfriend(s) without doing missions. Good luck!