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Banner Space for Sale – 30% Discount

by OtakuApologist

We have been offering lifetime ad space to hentai companies since 2018. Now, we’re offering the same deal with super discounts! Get your product promoted on our site from here to eternity, for the prices below.

All of our banners are “picture links” and display through adblock. Each banner you purchase is embedded into one new article. You don’t have to pay any extra fees to keep the ads alive in old articles.

One banner in one post costs $5.00. Buy more, and enjoy our bulk discounts!

$50.00 – 5% bonus – 11 life-time banners total – half a month of advertising

$100.00 – 10% bonus – life-time 22 banners total – 1 month of advertising

$200.00 – 20% bonus – life-time 48 banners total – 1.5 months of advertising

$300.00 – 30% bonus – life-time 78 banners total – 2.5 months of advertising

Want more promotional services? Read details.

Q: Why are the ads permanent life-time?

A: Our ads are picture links. I embed them into posts individually. Removing the ads after a promotion period is cumbersome and time-consuming. Besides, when you actually profit, I’m sure you’ll want to buy more of our services!

Note: The stated advertising time periods are estimates that assume we publish one article a day, which is a conservative estimate of our output. All your banners will stay alive after the period is concluded. Contact email: otakuapologist@gmail.com

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