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Lesbian Visual Novel: A Kiss for the Petals

by notTowfu

Written by Otaku Apologist

A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation, a yuri visual novel developed by St. Michaels and published by MangaGamer. Released on Nov 25, 2016. Download on MangaGamer for $34.95. For PC Windows, Mac and Linux. Full voice acting.

A regular transfer student is in love with her elite classmate from a wealthy family. She will reciprocate her feelings, and they will fuck. It’s a deliciously enjoyable lesbian relationship that surpasses the gap between social classes.

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We follow Hazuki Onohara, a recent transfer student at St. Michael’s school for elite ladies. She navigates her school life while battling with her feelings for her fellow classmate. The object of her affections, Manami Suoh, is set to inherit a large corporation, elevating her status beyond anything Hazuki can imagine. To make things harder, Hazuki comes from an ordinary background. Among the refined and filthy rich ladies of her school, she’s considered a mere commoner.

Manami’s status within St. Michaels’ makes her an untouchable figure, and she’s venerated as a kind and well-mannered girl. Hazuki’s love life seems bleak. But with aid from a mysterious internet celebrity called MANA and a glimmer of interest from Manami, there’s still a chance for romance to bloom for this commoner girl of refined tastes in pussy.

A New Generation delivers an entertaining story chock full of colourful characters and enough sugary romance to make you diabetic. But there’s one thing about A New Generation that differentiates it from the previous games, and it’s conflict. Instead of just being a smooth sailing story with two girls making kissy faces and having sex, it adds drama and conflict.

There are three routes in the game: Hazuki and Manami, Aya and Ai, Nagisa and Rina. On your first playthrough, you have to finish Hazuki’s route to unlock the rest. The first route remains my favourite. Hazuki and Manami start off as a typical couple, but as different sides of Manami are revealed, they have to deal with new obstacles. Their deepening relationship and Hazuki’s gradual maturity was a treat.

Hazuki starts off as an naive girl, oblivious to romance. She eventually becomes a reliable partner. With help from other characters, she acknowledges her faults and works to overcome them. Manami, too, goes through character growth. She goes from meek to bold after experiencing love. She won’t let her family control her after she’s tasted lesbian sex.

The character dynamic between each pair is amazing. It starts out slow, but as the characters get familiar with each other, their chemistry goes off the charts. Despite using clichéd anime tropes, the individual plots are well executed and satisfying. Dialogue is entertaining and hilarious.

In addition, different characters play off each other. The girls have established friendships, and it isn’t just lip service. One example would be Hazuki and Aya. They are good friends, and share a rapport due to their similar upbringing. This provides some comedic moments when Aya finds out Hazuki and Manami are dating.

During the first playthrough, we also get glimpses into the other couples’ lives. The three pairings energize each other.


Hazuki is the game’s main protagonist. She has a habit of fantasizing about absurd situations. Her internal monologues make her seem touched in the head. She’s a great source of comedic relief.

Manami is her desk mate and is considered the Madonna of the school. Interestingly, she seems to harbour a different, more crude side to her, the complete opposite of her prim and proper image.

Aya is the younger twin with double twin tails. Raised separately from her sister as a regular girl, she gets along well with Hazuki. She’s blunt and won’t pull punches to spare others’ feelings.

Ai is the older twin, discernible by the two cowlicks on each side of her head. She’s very attached to Aya, much to her twin’s disgruntlement. Despite being the older sister, she lacks Aya’s maturity.

Nagisa is a popular track and field runner for the school. She is friendly and caring. She tries to be the cool girl type in everyone’s eyes.

Rina is a rambunctious blonde who isn’t afraid to show her physical affection for Nagisa. She’s excitable and pushy.


The game has a distinct anime art style. Returning fans will realize the art is significantly more modern than in the previous game. I love the designs for the characters, especially Manami’s elegant persona. Despite wearing the same outfits, each girl’s unique hairstyles and accessories makes it easy to tell them apart.

From Hazuki’s off-pony tail held up by a scrunchie, the twins wearing matching accessories and Nagisa’s patented sporty girl hair, you can easily glean some of their personality from their appearance. Characters also have a good variety of outfits. Outside of their St. Michael’s uniforms, each girl also has a distinct style for their outfits.

CGs and backgrounds are beautifully illustrated. Settings range from club rooms, to expensive homes, to regular apartments and the various locations in the school. Everything is detailed and immersive. From Rina’s haughty smirk to Manami’s mischievous grins, character faces are very expressive. You fall in love with the quirks of each girl.

If there’s a minor quibble about the art, it would be the overly aggressive glossiness to each character. The shininess of their hair is a recurring culprit. Even under the shade of a pillar, it shines as if the full force of the midday sun is hammering down on them. It’s distracting. The colour palette favours bright, eye catching colours, so heavier shadows and less gloss would have been more pleasant.


The game has full voice acting. Each character is wonderfully voiced and has plenty of personality. Dialogue is expertly narrated. I was particularly impressed by their wordless reactions. One particular moment that stood out was Ai making an adorable noise of delight as she chomps on a sandwich. The game wouldn’t have been half as adorable without the voice acting.

There is a nice variety of sound effects. Character actions are accompanied by the appropriate sounds. You hear the sound of a wrapper being peeled, the chime of a bell when classes are adjourned. The audio makes the story feel more immersive.


The music in the game mostly falls into the category of peaceful, carefree jingles. There are rare tracks that deviate from the norm, like the catchy bop used for the game’s opening sequence called ‘new generation’. It’s a rock song with cutesy visuals. The mix of different voices is jarring, but I quickly fell in love with the sheer energy of them. Combined with fast-paced drums and a plethora of sounds, it’s a great opening that sets the tone for the game.

My favourite track is the one that plays during regular moments of character interaction. It’s called ‘the same old same old’. It utilizes drums, a light airy piano and synthesized sound effects. This is a familiar tune for returning players of the franchise. It’s comforting in its simplicity and nostalgia.


A New Generation is a visual novel. Clicking the textbox ‘turns’ the page and advances the story. The game has basic functionalities such as skipping old text, an auto advance option, and the ability to save your game at any time. There are occasional branching dialogue options, but they don’t impact the trajectory of the story.

The user interface is pretty good. It’s not intrusive or cluttered, I’d consider it pretty minimalistic. I disliked the default font. Thankfully, there was an option to change it, which you can do in the settings.


Unlike previous games where sex scenes lasted too long for my liking, A New Generation has found the perfect sweet spot. There’s plenty of lesbian rutting, but scenes are short and sweet. The hentai is a nice compliment to the plot, and though the build-up towards it can be agonizing, reaching it is extremely satisfying. Each couple works through their problems before boning each other.

The hentai is well written. You watch the scenes play out through the eyes of Hazuki, Aya and Nagisa on their respective routes. You get a ton of lovey dovey sex for each couple. The dialogue during these scenes consists of multiple proclamations of eternal love as they fuck each other’s brains out. The stellar voice acting elevates the otherwise repetitive dialogue with moans, gasps and cries of joy.

On your first playthrough, the sex plays out from Hazuki’s point of view. You read about how Manami teases her body, whispering sweet nothings in her air. Manami’s fingers tease her slit, fingering her to orgasm – that kind of stuff. Overall, scenes are vanilla, usually involving lesbian techniques like fingering, scissoring, and licking pussy. It’s romantic sex, and I loved every minute of it.


A New Generation is worth every minute of your time. The writing is solid and features super adorable characters. The romance is sizzling hot, and carnal. This standard of visual novels is what every developer should aspire for. I would sell my soul to play this game with a fresh set of eyes again. I highly recommend you taste this delectable yuri sweetness.

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