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Sex Lube Review: Kyo 360ml Lubricant

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

You wouldn’t think it, but sex lubricants are seldom similar. Companies can get very creative with adding features like a cooling effect, a warming effect, different textures and colors, and even various flavors. I’ve tried plenty of wacky lubricants over the years, and I always go back to using the most basic, boring friction-removers that work well with onaholes and handjobs.

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This lube is a little strange. Sometimes it lasts a solid 10+ minutes of non-stop wanking, other times it dries up after just a few minutes. The inconsistency is not an issue, because the lube comes alive with just a drop of water. I tested the lube mostly in my sauna at 60 degrees celsius. You would think that affected things, but the sudden drying of the lube also occurred in normal room temperatures of 23 degrees celsius. I recommend keeping a cup of water nearby, so you can easily dip your finger in that.

There’s enough lube in the bottle to last on you practically forever, as just a small drop produces a thick squishy layer. The cork makes it super easy to control the amount you squeeze out of the bottle – it’s a very small amount you need.


This lube is very slick on your genital area, and feels clean and nice. It’s colorless and odorless, with no extra features. In fact, it’s so extremely fluid, it’s rather difficult to remove from your hands after use. After every testing session, I spent easily three minutes rubbing my hands under running water. If your sessions are short, the lengthy clean up will be annoying. For longer sessions however, you want the lubricant to stay on your skin and not wear off when you start getting sweaty. This lube is good for that.

For onahole masturbation, the Kyo 360ml Lubricant is the ideal friction-remover. I tested this on my Stank Bitch and Ondo Nupu, and was very pleased with how fast I could pump my toys to a blissful orgasm.

If you want an uninterrupted fapping experience, pour a bigger chunk on your junk. This lube may just work incredibly well in regular and anal sex, but I did not test the product in intimate contact with a respectable lady. Maybe next time!


The bottle is a very nice, modern design. It’s hard, durable plastic, and conveniently transparent. The only problem is that the etiquette wrapped around the cylinder obfuscates your view. It’s hard to tell with a glance how much is still left. The cork has a slim hole that makes it easy to control the amount that comes out. The round dome shaped lid goes over the cork, and blocks lube from spilling all over the place.

Once you’ve ripped the plastic wrapper off, you have to remove the lid, and then screw open the core. Remove the round white thing below the cork that’s blocking any lube from coming out. Physically remove the wall, and let the floodgates open.


The texture is like jello, and very comfortable on the genitals. There’s no irritation I felt, or other issues that occurred.

I personally never use lubricant during handjobs, because the numbing layer between my hand and dick often makes the experience less pleasurable. If you want a handjob lube, you need something that’s of a thicker texture that doesn’t remove so much friction. For onaholes, what I described is no issue, because the hole is ten times tighter and more stimulating. Also not an issue with sex, because a vagina is built to milk your nut. The faster you can plow a woman’s hole, the better you’ll both feel. But for handjobs, I don’t recommend this lube.


The Kyo 360ml Lubricant is a high quality product from Japan. If you lack a reliable lube in your toolkit of self-pleasuring chemicals, I heartily recommend you grab a bottle. You don’t need more than one bottle for the next five years of fapping.

I warmly recommend this lube to porn addicts worldwide. Order at Motsutoys (EU) €19.95.

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