Written and voiced by KarissaPresents, edited by Otaku Apologist

Saber’s Edge, a free hentai game developed by Cabra Studio, published by Nutaku Publishing. Released on April 2019. Available for play at Nutaku.net. For PC Windows and mobile devices. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

You are a pirate captain in a world where islands float in the skies. The setting might even trigger your nostalgia for Disney’s Treasure Planet. Build up your crew of hardy corsairs and busty buccaneers in the pursuit of riches and casual sexual encounters!

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The graphics are pretty nice for a free game. The battles are fully animated, with all the flashy swipes and strikes that you’d need to stay attentive. The map looks real and dynamic, as much as could be expected for such a frilly concept as floating islands and sky pirates. Of course, this also means that the game’s graphics are resource-heavy, so don’t expect to run any other apps while you play Saber’s Edge.


The gameplay uses a tile-matching system, so it’s kind of like candy crush meets old school Final Fantasy. The number of matches supposedly compliments the effectiveness of your attack, and all of the battles are turn-based and three-dimensional. I wouldn’t say any of my battles were difficult. I never felt like I would lose any of them, and as long as I kept up with new equipment. This eliminates the stakes that each encounter has. It would be much better to have the player think deeply about whether, or not to engage in a risky action.


The copious amounts of dialogue is all text, and there isn’t voice acting to spruce it up. I found myself skipping through some parts because the writing got a bit boring.


There is music in the game. It sounds an awful lot like the Sims. And it’s mostly the same track you hear throughout, so don’t expect it to keep up with the mood of what’s happening in gameplay.


As with any free game, there’s an online marketplace if you feel inclined to place mysterious charges on your wife’s credit card. Purchases range from $2 to $17 for things like XP, equipment, and character upgrades. The most frustrating part is that it’s not clear why I can’t use the coins I earned through battles for buying these upgrades, even though it appears to be the same exact currency – doubloons.


The Western-style hentai pops up along your swashbuckling adventure at seemingly random intervals. You’ll get some lewd scenes while the game loads, with a bit of flavor text. Initially I was mislead into thinking that these scenes had something to do with the battle I was fighting then and there. But, no, not really. The naughty librarian teasing her privates doesn’t have anything to do with the salty bandit that I just defeated. This makes the lewd aspects of Saber’s Edge incredibly haphazard. For the most part, the titties are just there for show regardless of the decisions you make while playing. The game does try to zero in on some fetishes, but that’s kind of a dead end as well. I followed this whole “bodily smells” subplot that didn’t really go anywhere, which left me wondering why I even bothered in the first place. I would recommend that the developers find more ways to unite gameplay and hentai, like rescuing a damsel in distress that happens to be very horny, or exercising your captain’s privilege to commandeer a sexy swashbuckler’s booty.


The fanciful pirates-in-the-sky environment and the busty babes that populate it are sure to give any casual gamer enough to gawk at while they’re waiting on the subway. For those boring bus rides between school and home, this game will keep you occupied.

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