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The orgy was in full swing when Sally came from the kitchen. Every corner of the great hall was filled with boy maids on their knees, surrounded by hordes of customers. The gentle buzz of anal vibrators mixed with sloppy slapping of flesh on skin. He tried to slither his way behind the walls of backs without anyone paying enough attention to ask for a drink. He wasn’t in the mood for sex, and tried his best to make eye contact with no-one.

The slave auction was a spectacle. The number of men attending today’s auction was staggering, there was no way aside from closing one’s eyes to avoid scenes of maids getting face-fucked with red, veined dicks. The elite prostitutes of Mars were a commodity in high demand, low in supply, yet each boy was treated like a disposable one-use sextoy rather than a rare gem.

Sally stopped on his tracks to dodge a torrent of vomit that had suddenly burst from the throat of his colleague. The pool was all white, its foul stench a combination of stomach acids and several men’s semen. Sally immediately covered his mouth with his hand to stop himself from throwing up as well. He forcibly swallowed his breakfast that was clawing out of his throat, while the bulge in his panties strained the thin black fabric. A drop of cum sprung from his dick’s tip and left a dark stain in the front of the panties.

Sally tried walking slower, to slow his heartbeat and blood pressure, which amplified the effect of his nano prostate vibrators. The tiny mechanical stimulators were injected anally into his prostate gland during his training. They were a permanent part of his life. They made sure he never had control over his desires.

There was easily twenty customers for each maid in the room. The guys who already shot their first loads were getting visibly thirsty, Sally could tell from watching their agitated expressions and restless body language. It was not an option for a slave to deny service, as much as Sally wanted to run back to the kitchen.

The last look Sally had taken of himself while powdering his face in the makeup room was vivid in his mind. The staggering layer of makeup on his face and eyes was extravagant tonight, practically making his face similar to a doll’s. His erect pink nipples were bared by his uniform, his miniskirt not even long enough to cover his loins, no doubt inviting for horny customers who weren’t getting satisfactory attention from other maids. It was virtually guaranteed that the longer he lingered in this hall full of sexual activity, someone would eventually approach him. If only he was an ugly slob, no-one would pay attention to his refined hourglass frame, and soft bubbly butt barely contained with his one size too small panties digging into his crack. He practically felt on his skin the dicks getting hard with every step he took forward.

He could hear scattered pieces of conversations, comments about the maids’ bodies and sexual abilities. Abrupt bursts of laughter rang in the hall as customers cracked crude jokes in between face-fucking the slaves. Not a minute passed that a man wasn’t growling like a beast while unloading the contents of his balls on the powdered face of a maid-turned-whore.

The smell of cum lingered in the air, like a smog cloud. The smell was stronger and weaker depending where Sally stood, it had different flavors. His nose couldn’t grow numb to the reek. The bare-chested boys were covered in layers of gooey semen, white lumps dripping from their chests, pooling in their belly button, making a nasty pool on the mattress below them. None of the cum was theirs, it was all from the auction’s patrons.

Sally caught a glimpse of one maid in the corner of his eye, stripped all naked save for his thigh-long leggings. He was milking three dicks at once with two hands, and his mouth. The slurping and gurgling coming from his mouth reminded Sally of a big dick dipping into a sopping wet pussy. He had so much cum on his face, he kept his eyes closed, no clue what the guys he was blowing looked like.

On the walls of the great hall, several videos played on television screens. They were recordings of past slave auctions, showing off the maids having sex with different patrons. Sally had attended the previous auction, but nobody had bought him after the event. A video of him sucking several huge dicks was playing. He could see several guys on the sidelines jerking off at it. But his role today was simply to serve alcoholic drinks from the tray he was carrying. It was a demotion he welcomed, for he valued his life despite the misery of it.

Many of Sally’s friends had returned in body bags. After only some months since they were bought, the customers had returned the boys, in pieces. The black bags had been delivered through the front door, practically paraded in front of the prevailing maids. There were no burials, and no-one aside from the mansion’s master and his inner circle knew what was done with the bodies.

Sally lived his life in the moment, anxious of the future where nothing awaited him but certain death. As long as he had the strength to suck a dick, he was useful to his employer. As long as he was young, pretty, and useful, he was allowed to keep on living out his days in the mansion.

A patron peeking out of one orgy circle tried making eye contact with him. He avoided the man’s piercing gaze and steered his walk in another direction. If anyone asked him to drop his panties, he would have no choice but to obey. Denying service from a customer attending a sex party was not allowed under penalty of death.

Sally chose to walk towards the auction stage. There was a platform at the other end of the room where the slave maids had been presented to the patrons before the orgy. The platform was just about a meter long, completely vacant save for two naked maid boys dancing. These two had failed to attract bids from customers, and had been left on the stage without sex partners. The pair of maids were kissing, flailing, rubbing each other’s bodies, giving a sex show to everyone in hopes of getting last-minute bids. They wanted to be bought, desperately so.

Getting bought was a slave maid’s best bet at escaping the mansion. There was no guarantee that their new owner was any better than their current, but there was always a chance. Dying in service was a reality for many. Many wealthy clients barely cared about retaining the health of individual sex partners when they could buy boys in bulk.

Sally sympathized with the two girly bare-chested guys rubbing their dicks on stage, lost in a series of passionate kisses. They had no lumps of cum on their hairs, not a droplet on their shaved bodies. As much as their bodies begged to get fucked, no-one had shown interest yet. Sally didn’t want any part in this event, he wasn’t feeling optimistic about his prospects after the last batch of black bags. Right now, he had no plan for escape other than suicide.

Sally jolted, almost letting out a scream. A coarse hand had suddenly grabbed his ass. The man held a pound of his ass fat in his palm, massaging hungrily. The hand was quickly accompanied by a hotly throbbing dick, placed firmly between his ass cheeks. Their skins were barely separated by the thin fabric of his panties. This dick was certain to wriggle its way inside of him, it had the determination.

Sally had stopped on his tracks, trying desperately to keep his balance, and his gasps from escaping his lips. He was fighting to not drop his tray full of drinks. He had to give into the man molesting him from behind, he couldn’t run.

The man breathed hot air into his ear, saying not one word while massaging his ass, and the naked parts of his chest.

Everybody could see his dick-eating, cum-covered face from the television screen. His lips were tightly wrapped around the pulsating flesh rod, white goo drizzling on his lower lip. The customer in question had blown three full loads in his mouth before finally pulling out. Only because of his months of deepthroat training, had he been able to suppress his gag reflex. Sally remembered the feel and taste of that particular dick vividly, he couldn’t erase the memory of a single dick he had sucked.

Sally’s mouth was dick-free in that moment, but watching the video of himself on the screen, the memory returned with all the associated sensations. Everywhere he watched in the room, he saw boys sucking dicks, giving handjobs, taking facials. The riveting stench of sex was everywhere.

The naked customer groping him from behind pulled down his panties, and shoved his eager cock between his balls. The man grabbed his hips firmly, grinding against his legs, like fucking a pussy. He was a strong, meat-eating man in his late thirties with big, coarse palms. His strained biceps contrasted with Sally’s stick-like, bony arms. The boy slave had barely any physical strength due to three factors: He was only given leftovers to eat each day, not a single full meal. He lacked opportunities for physical exercise. Extreme hormone therapies had done the rest.

As the big cock kept grinding against his itching balls, Sally cried like a bitch. He tried to suppress the tears, but they wouldn’t stop. His life had been all humiliation and embarrassment, this sexual harassment was just another episode in a lifetime of unhappiness. On moment’s like this, he fantasized about putting a noose around his neck and jumping off. The sweet embrace of oblivion was one determined step away. Only his cowardice kept him alive from one disgusting orgy to the next.

Every dick that wasn’t getting sucked by a maid was being stroked by its owner. Crowds of men were standing around, jerking off, waiting for their turn that never seemed to arrive. They watched the videos on the walls, looking around impatiently for new maids to stick their dicks in. They saw Sally, groped like a whore, putting up no fight at all. It was all the invitation they needed.

A crowd of hulking, masturbating guys surrounded Sally. The alcoholic drinks on his tray disappeared quickly. The guys emptied the glasses in long, singular gulps. Had they been wearing shoes, they may have tossed the glasses on the floor, so uncaring was their attitude. Instead, one guy took the tray from Sally’s hand and carried it away, while the rest formed a circle around the helpless maid.

“Hey, babe. That you on the video?”, a man asked with a sneering voice. He flicked his neck towards the television.

Before Sally could even answer, the man behind him jabbed him in the neck. He jolted from the sudden pain, he went limp for just a second. When his senses returned, he found himself on his knees, on the floor, a dozen erect cocks on his eye level. Their owners were grinding their foreskins back and forth, their tips oozing from previous ejaculations. The boy who had eaten those loads was right next to them, only a few meters away, still gagging on multiple dicks being thrust into his mouth at once. Sally could hear his sloppy, ragged breath from the cacophony of slurping.

The man behind Sally sandwiched his dick between his ass cheeks. From all the hormone therapies, his ass was a big, round, soft piece of meat. The man sausage was hot and slippery against the cavity of his ass. At any given moment, he could just thrust it inside.

The position was humiliating. Everyone could see him bent over, like a dog in heat. His frilly mini skirt was rolled over to his hips, and his butt was completely exposed. He heard a jeering whistle slicing through the air. He looked up at the men in front of him, all staring down, like hungry wolves eyeing their prey.

He could smell them. He smelled the piss, the sweat, and the old cum. The vomit-inducing reek rose up to his nostrils. Before he could blink, one particularly red-headed mushroom tip burst out its load. The white lines of cock juice hit him right in the face. The man who had ejaculated sighed in relief. He broke from the crowd to anxiously shove his dick between his lips. Sally refused to open wide, no matter how much he poked against his clacked teeth.

“Hands off the merchandise”, a man’s voice bellowed.

The orgy was not over. Sally’s master ordered him to attend a special event on the auction stage. There, paying customers had surrounded a poor maid boy. They had formed such a dense pack, he couldn’t see through their naked backs and asses. No-one was using condoms, this was a free-for-all fuckfest. Sally made his way to the stage, and slithered between the men. His frame was petite and feminine, and easily slid through openings. In the middle of the crowd, he saw a naked boy on the floor, getting his ass raped.

Sally walked silently up to the boy maid, and knelt down as the men watched with curiosity. None made a move on him, as he was not the merchandise. These guys were regulars, they knew the rules.

Sally’s button-sized earphone gave a light jingle, and the sound of his master rang in his ear. His orders were:

“Stay at the slave’s side with your mouth open.”

An hour passed. Sally found himself staring at a particularly long, veiny shaft that was pulsing, the tip dripping. The man had pulled out, and was hanging his dick above the asshole. He was cumming in waves, the trickle of cum poured sluggishly from the tip, down into the mess below. His cock twitched up and down, while the mushroom tip throbbed. Sally made no gesture to stretch his neck towards this massive cock in front of his face. His role was not to be an active participant, but to be a cleanup boy. He was a living, breathing tissue box whose face men wiped their dicks on.

His powder and rouge was all messed up. Mascara was running down his teary cheeks. He had stopped counting the number of men after the customer who face-fucked him for five minutes straight. It wasn’t supposed to go that way, but the guy had apparently found him particularly cute, and wanted to leave his thanks in his belly. Sally still tasted his musky man juice in his mouth, and felt the sticky remnants in his throat, like a gooey layer of honey.

Sally sat there staring at the man’s soiled fuckstick, waiting with his mouth open, like a blowup doll. His pink hair was still puffy, but his maid costume that exposed his chest was covered in jizz. His flat boy tits were oozing with a spunky layer of hot fuckjuice left there by several men, who had been more interested to blow their loads on him, than the ass-pussy below.

Right below Sally’s face was the cum bucket boy slave. He was tied up tight on the floor, with no means of dodging the cocks. He was fully naked, not a shred of cloth on him. He was bent over in an exposing position that lifted his ass up in the air. His legs rested where his head was. His little dick had an electronic desensitizing lock in its root, stopping him from cumming. He was drooling through his gag, his hazy eyes staring into nothingness. He had big, saggy tits where his chest should have been flat.

The cum bucket boy slave was Molly. His body had been transformed in preparation for this event. His transformation had malformed his body into a grotesquely fat bubble butt bitch. He could barely be called male anymore, with his flubbery ass, and giant tits. His balls were the size of his head, so full of cum, the twin sack looked ready to burst.

Molly’s cum-lazed body was covered in paper. The bills were on his face, his long green hair, they were sticking to his stomach and tit crack, held together by lumps of sticky cock juice. Every customer who came to fuck him threw their money at him before ramming it in.

The rims of Molly’s butt puckered in a sickly purplish color. Blood had clotted in his hole, which was chock-full of cum from tens of different guys. The intensity of each customer’s thrusting should have ruptured every blood vessel in his ass, if not for his enhanced fuckdoll body. His high-class boy pussy was designed and trained to endure a hundred men. After two hours of non-stop anal pounding, they were halfway to reaching the critical number.

The customer who had just finished cumming thrust his dick between Sally’s red lips. He grabbed his head, and connected balls deep with his mouth. He pushed all the way down, while Molly gagged. He gasped for air through his nostrils full of pubic hair.

Like every man before him, the customer pulled his pecker once he was satisfied. Sally shivered as the cock exited, its throbbing veins grazing against his tongue. Sally’s lips gave a sloppy plop-sound when the man was finally out of his mouth.

The next customer marched on the spot to replace the previous guy. He was stroking himself slowly. Sally coughed out a trickle of cum, and pursed his lips again while staring at the dick. The man took a step forward, like he was about to thrust into his mouth. Instead he kneeled, driving his rod into Molly’s gaping anus.

The situation was mundane and boring for Sally, who had been in this position countless times already. There was nothing stimulating about a bunch of guys shagging a defenseless asshole, only to release their seminal fluids in that hole prematurely. Most guys splurged their loads in less than three minutes, adding another lump into the overflowing ball of white jelly.

One after the other, the customers pumped their hips against the maid’s butt, ejaculated, wiped their dicks against Sally’s face, and left. This went on for another hour, some familiar customers even came for a second round. The muffled screams of the gagged cum bucket boy slave were drowned out by the cheers of the crowd.

The electric lock around Molly’s dick had a timer on it. It was programmed to release after a set period of time. After the 90th customer had finished his fuck, suddenly, a green light lit up on the lock’s surface.

Molly’s dick was an unhealthy shade of crimson. His giant balls looked painfully full. The look in his dead watery eyes was one of absolute despair, when he realized what was about to happen. He wanted it to happen, he prayed to God he could finally release, but he was afraid. A bucket boy was never allowed to cum without punishment.

Sally’s earphone gave a jingle, and the sound of his master rang in his ear. His orders were:

“Eat him out while jerking him off. That’s an order.”

He wrapped his fingers around the bucket boy’s throbbing dick and started pumping it up and down with his fists. He used both hands. After just a few milking moves, the white goo started bursting out. Life returned to Molly’s eyes when he felt his colleague giving him a handjob. The poor abused bucket boy cried a little river, as the jets of fuckjuice poured on his tits, and his face. Covered in a mountain of cash and layers of semen, the slave was soiled completely with his own dirty seed.

Sally kept pumping and pumping, but the massive head-sized airbags were hardly being drained. He was completely numb inside, only mechanically executing his handjob instructions. He was not doing a very good job, he knew that. He wanted to delay the second part of his orders, which were to eat out Molly’s cum-filled asshole.

His hands were completely drenched in Molly’s seed, they made an increasingly loud, disgusting squishy noise. He jerked and he jerked, and he knew he had to do it. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue. The whirlpool of sickly colored white-yellow semen was almost a hundred loads strong, and it was overflowing. He had to clean all that up before his shift was done.

The boy maid swirled his tongue in the overflowing butthole, lapping up as much baby cream as he could swallow in one mouthful. While he did this, Molly’s ejaculations got more explosive. The men around the pair looked in awe at the spectacle. From the corner of his eye, Sally could see them filming the action with their smartphones. They took a lot of photos, the jingles from the phones betrayed this fact.

Sally was a well-trained sex slave. He suppressed his gag reflex, and swallowed mouthful after mouthful, without ever stopping his hand movements. His stomach was getting full, and it was getting impossible to continue. Molly was drenched in so much cum, his face was buried in a small mountain of white jelly. And still his balls would not empty.

After half an hour of licking, jerking, and getting humiliated, Molly let out a deathly sigh. Through his mouth gag, he whispered “I want to die”.

After licking clean Molly’s butthole up to the rims, his entire ass was glistening from saliva. Sally’s earphone rang. His master’s voice said:

“Well done.”

Upon hearing those words, Sally collapsed into a quivering pile surrounded by cum, and his own vomit. As his consciousness slid into darkness, the crowd of spectating men gathered around him. The last thing he remembered was them jerking off in a ring, cumming on his slutty body.