Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Mother Fantasy, a hentai RPG developed by Ranmaru Graphics. Released December 4, 2010. Download on DLsite for $8.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals. Free demo available. Available in English and Japanese.

Irene is a giant busty woman who wanted to find and defeat the Evil King. Lui lost his mother in a battle with the Evil King, and also wants to defeat him. Together they plan to satisfy their goal, and their carnal desires!

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The game begins by throwing you into battle. Lui is your follower, and together the two of you begin your journey. The setup is short, and the level grinding begins! In fact, this entire game is one big level grind. There are no minigames. The NPCs are few and boring. There are no puzzles. This game is pure grinding with the occasional erotic scene to keep you motivated.

Defeat monsters to earn money and experience points. Go to town for new equipment and healing items. It’s the most generic RPG of all time. Thankfully, every time you sleep at an inn, you see an erotic scene.

The game takes five hours to complete. You won’t notice though, because the music is unique and very enjoyable. The musician makes heavy use of record scratches, clapping, and multiple pauses to mix up the music. Some songs are really damn good.

Irene and Lui are unrelated, but they’re close like mother and son. It’s not incest, but will get off incest fans.

From breastfeeding to simple groping, the 12 sex scenes in this game are sure to please! Download Mother Fantasy. If your mommy fetish still isn’t satisfied after this one, check out our review for Mama RPG.