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Eden, a corruption-themed hentai RPG developed by Kemuriya. Originally released September 21, 2018. English translation released August 3, 2019. Download on DLSite for $18.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

You are a hero with a harem of three ladies. Unfortunately, your perfect life is about to come to an end when a demon arrives and convinces you to corrupt your women. All you can do is watch as they descend into madness.

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You are a hero with a harem of ladies! Sent by the king to defeat the demon menace, you decide to betray his wishes and work alongside the demons to drive the world into chaos!

This game makes absolutely no sense. It’s an incoherent mess. It is only worth playing if you have a fetish for demonic corruption. There are four endings dependent on which girl you favor, and at least five hours of content total.

Jeanne, Chris, and Charlotte are your three ladies. Jeanne is a loving girlfriend. Chris is a petite nymphomaniac who loves bondage. Charlotte is a milf priest who loves to roleplay. They all become corrupted by “Legacy”, a demon with incredible magic abilities.

The game has a lot of personality. Each character gets unique artworks and dialogue to set them apart from the rest. The problem is, there is never any build up or tension to the story. You literally start the game as a millionaire.

Explore the world, watch your waifus become demons, and massacre everything that gets in your way.


Eden was created with RPG Maker. Press spacebar to interact with objects and people. Press SHIFT to hide text boxes or run.

The player home is filled with game guides, to the point of it being overwhelming. The “Monster Seal” and “Succubus Seal” are strange status effects that you’ll need a notepad to understand. There are at least 15 status effects in total, each incredibly different from the last. You may as well enroll in university at this point, because learning this will take forever.

The game begins by allowing you to choose your name and difficulty mode. These can be changed later by talking to “Legacy” in the player home. She also offers cheat codes to acquire all items and max out your player level.

Battles in this game are frequent and very tedious. Many enemies and bosses are completely obtuse and annoying to face. One boss is able to fully restore his HP every turn, yet fails to do any damage to your player. Don’t enter that fight, or you’ve soft locked the game.


The art is a perversion of the Japanese anime style. The CGs are woefully inconsistent and grotesque in nature.

There are 612 CGs in total spread across 53 events. There are also hundreds of variations on character sprites. Pose art is created on demand as you play the game. That means you can customize almost every aspect of your character. Breast size, pregnancy, hair color, and more. The problem is, none of this carries over to sex scenes. You can have a big breasted blue haired pregnant demon, but in sex scenes, she’ll revert back to normal. Worse still, because of all this customization, there is only one character pose to be found. Which means even when dialogue implies fear or disgust, the character will retain a blank-faced stare.

Almost all characters are “female”. Chicks with dicks are impossible to avoid here.

There are puffy vaginas everywhere. If you don’t see one, then you’ll probably see a pixelated dick instead. None of this is erotic, because the censorship goes too far. You can barely tell when someone is being penetrated, because everything is a bundle of pixels!

Altogether, this game focused on quantity instead of quality.


Eden has no voice acting.

The main menu has no music. Instead, it plays a generic blowjob sound effect. In other words, the sound design is nonexistent. It’s just a randomly placed track to fill the silence. The sounds of vaginal sex are nice to fill the silence, but “better than nothing” is not a point of praise! The bottom line is, the sound effects are terrible.


The soundtrack has 22 songs in total, most of which are stock assets from the RPG Maker library.

The music is very hit or miss. Sometimes it matches perfectly with an electric guitar beat fitting for a demonic corruption. Other times, the music is soft and silent. I’m literally talking to Satan himself, but the music is wind chimes and harp. What the hell?!


Eden has 53 sex scenes and 612 CGs in total. There are 22 base CGs.

Demonic corruption is the primary fetish. You see hardcore, grotesque, and disgusting demonic sex. Don’t let the store page fool you! This game is almost entirely demonic sex scenes.

The main focus is on the three women of your harem, though other women get some short sex events as well. Each scene tries to fit a smaller fetish, but doesn’t do a very good job at it.

Featured niche fetishes include cuckquean porn, hypnotism, tentacles, and the “mind break” fetish. The problem is the complete lack of build up and foreplay. Cuckquean is all about betrayal, but that emotion is not conveyed well in the dialogue.

There are no animations. Erotic text is usually boring, with lustful sex partners talking about how their soul is being corrupted. The vanilla scenes are great, but because the main focus is on demon sex, the main scenes are lackluster.

This game is only exciting for people with a hardcore demon fetish.


Eden is an unusual hentai RPG with a heavy emphasis on demonic corruption. The gameplay is flawed, but thankfully there are cheat codes. The story is practically nonexistent, but at least there are lots of characters. There is a huge variety of CG images in this game, so hopefully, that’s enough to keep you entertained through this convoluted mess.

Download Eden on DLsite. If you’re a glutton for demonic corruption games, check out our review for Seed of Evil.

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