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Hentaireviews Investment Offer

by OtakuApologist

Hey, everyone. I’m opening Hentaireviews for investors.

I’m looking for investors that will provide us the funds for our monthly SEO budget. I’ve been working with an incredible company who have done an amazing job at cultivating our search engine traffic. I want to hire this company to work on my site’s SEO at maximum capacity. The goal is to double our traffic permanently.

Your opportunity

25% profit. Paid every month for 12 months.

Your profit is paid from our current revenues ($1500-2500 a month).

Minimum buy-in $300. The investment fund is capped at $4000 this year.

If you’re a hentai business owner, you also get one month’s ad space free (you save $150).

Payments are conducted via Paypal, Paxum, or Bitcoin.

Your risks

If anything happens to our website, or our relations with our advertisers, you will be partially refunded from my reserves. I will ask the SEO company to refund us for the months that I’m unable to pay, and refund investors.

Technically, our advertisers could suddenly freak out and pull support. But I’ve worked with our most important advertisers for years. There’s no reason they would suddenly stab our balls.

If our writers disappear for any reason, I will hire new people, or write all the articles myself.

There’s no growth target we need to achieve to make my scheme sustainable.

I’ve accounted for all the realistic risks. Only the most obscure out of control scenarios would delay payments.


After making an investment, you will receive payments for 12 months.

Your first payment is the 1st day of next month.

Once the repayment period is over, the contract is complete.

Your free banner ads are added in our newest articles for 30 days.

Any banners that you purchase on my site are permanent, lifetime, no extra fees.

The banner ads are a negotiable addon, and will be offered to two companies a month.

Contact info

Please inquire details about this opportunity via my email: otakuapologist@gmail.com

If you cannot contact my email, leave a comment on my site. Thanks.

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